For A Classy Broad: 15 Apps Every Girl Should Have On Her Phone


Between personal upkeep, work and your social life, being a woman is hard. We need all the help we can get.

And since we're not hiring personal assistants anytime soon, we'll have to turn to our next best friend -- our smartphones -- to keep us organized and on top of it all.

These genius apps will turn your smartphone into the sidekick you've always wanted. You'll be able to conquer everything, from grocery shopping to grooming, with these extremely useful apps for your phone.

Here are the 15 apps every Millennial woman needs to download now.

1. Shop Savvy

It's all in the name for this app that lets you compare prices on a specific item by scanning the barcode. Shop Savvy does all the research for you, so you always feel like you're getting the best deal.

2. GoodGuide

Going green is not only super trendy, but also super time-consuming. GoodGuide makes it fast and easy to find ethical, environmentally-friendly and healthy products from food to personal grooming.

Deciphering labels and ingredients can be confusing -- GoodGuide spells it out for you instantly.

3. myPill

Birth control is great until you forget to take it three days in a row; myPill reminds you to take your pill, schedule yearly checkups and purchase new packs. Protection for protection because you can never be too safe in this world.

4. Stylebook

Cher's dream virtual closet is finally a reality, thanks to this fashionista app, Stylebook.

Stylebook lets you take photos of your clothes, organize your closet, make packing lists and build customized outfits from your current collection as well as what's available in-store. Next-level dressing.

5. Mint

Despite receiving your paycheck on Friday, after the weekend comes, you're left feeling like, "Where did all my money go?" Mint will tell you.

It organizes and categorizes all your finances into one place to make budgeting and saving so. much. easier.

6. KillSwitch

Want to erase all memories of your ex for good? KillSwitch takes care of the dirty work for you. It's the hit-man of Facebook, deleting all traces of your ex from the social media site in just one click.

And downloading the app helps support the American Heart Association of New York, so "broken hearts can help broken hearts." Aww, that is sweet!

7. Grocery Gadget

It's sad but true: Food shopping stresses us out. Not any more though. Grocery Gadget syncs lists, coupons and products to make grocery shopping faster, cheaper and way more organized.

It even syncs with your roommates' lists so you can get everything you need.


It's like the Uber of beauty. GLAMSQUAD delivers makeup artists and hair stylists right to your door in as little as an hour's notice.

The team of highly-sought-after professionals will give you a red-carpet-ready makeover just in time for a date, meeting or special event because when you look good, you feel good.

9. YPlan

The classic going out dilemma: You want to do something different but you have absolutely no idea what's going on tonight.

The answer: YPlan, a curated list of all the cool, little-known or spontaneous events happening in your city.

Want to see live music, change up date night, or attend an outdoor food festival? YPlan is the go-to for booking an adventurous night out.

10. Rouse Social

Your social media stalking just got way more comprehensive with Rouse Social, an app that aggregates every social media account into one easy-to-view page.

Want to view your favorite celebrity or ex-boyfriend's-new-girlfriend's Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes all at the same time? Rouse Social is the solution to staying connected.

11. Nike Training Club

There are tons of fitness apps out there, but none is quite as high-tech, effective and easy-to-use as Nike's Training Club. It's basically the portable personal trainer you've always wanted but couldn't afford.

12. Flipboard

Flipboard is a personalized news app that lets you choose your topics of interest. Flipboard provides updates on all the subjects you care about in one place, making it easier to stay informed.

13. Healthtap

Need to talk to your doctor like, yesterday? Healthtap connects you to a doctor to provide you with health answers instantaneously.

You can even send pictures of a problem or copies of lab results to receive a second opinion when WebMD is freaking you out.

14. Goodreads

Access your reading list anywhere, share book recommendations and find new novels to get lost in using Goodreads. It's the perfect app for the bookworm in you.

15. Pretty In My Pocket

For product junkies, the beauty aisle doubles as a playground. With Pretty In My Pocket (PRIMP) you can scan a beauty product and instantly see the expert reviews as well as inspired looks from makeup artists and other users. If you need to find us we'll be hanging out in aisle 7 for a while.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr