5 Apps Every Aspiring #GirlBoss Needs To Help Launch Her Career

by Val Matta

Despite the fact that women are constantly entering the workforce and taking on new professional challenges every day, many of them still don't hold leadership positions. In fact, 43 percent of the 2,839 adults surveyed in the 2015 Woman and Leadership report by Pew Research Center said women aren't in top executive business positions because many businesses aren't ready to hire women for them.

Well, just because the business world isn't ready for female bosses, that doesn't mean women shouldn't handle their careers like bosses in the business world. Here are five job apps that'll help all women become forces to be reckoned with:

1. Expensify

Most people agree that managing finances can be challenging. Not to mention, it's not all that fun. However, to keep all your finances in one place, the app Expensify is a great option.

Not only does this app track expenses, but it also makes your life easier by adding visual components like pictures of receipts and charts to submit expense reports. This makes looking at numbers a lot more appealing. This is a convenient way to keep all your expenses (personal and work-related) in one user-friendly place.

Bonus feature: A rare perk that separates Expensify from other job apps is the fact that it provides you with live flight updates that you can reserve through the app with just one click. The app will even detect when you land, and can have an Uber waiting for you. This is a major benefit if your job requires that you travel a lot.

2. Evernote

On any given business day, you're going to have many tasks thrown at you. You will never enough time to do them all. Evernote keeps you focused and offers organizational peace of mind.

It's possible to get overwhelmed and misplace notes and important documents while you're constantly trying to juggle a heavy workload. This app keeps your projects organized by collecting everything from images, files, websites and even handwritten notes in one easy-to-access mobile workspace.

Bonus feature: You don't always work on projects alone. Evernote allows you to add teammates, so you can easily collaborate together and communicate with one another.

As the typical 9-to-5 day is slowly becoming a thing of the past, this is one of the best job apps for women who have to finish tasks and communicate on-the-go.

3. Humin

Have you ever needed to reach someone, but didn't have his or her number and couldn't remember where you saved his or her email address? When you meet so many people throughout the work day, it's sometimes hard to keep track of everyone's information.

But what is the sense of networking if you can only recall a face? That's where Humin comes in. It puts the pieces together and files everyone you know in one place.

The app doesn't shy away from quantity. Humin can figure out the identity of the person you want to contact by collecting information from the connections you already on your phone, calendar, Facebook, Google accounts, LinkedIn and location. You can find a contact simply by searching details like “met last week,” “emailed two months ago,” and so on.

You never have to stress about forgetting a name again.

Bonus feature: Humin is great for networking. Once you put a contact in, you will see all the mutual friends and acquaintances you have on every communication platform. This easy-to-access app allows you to map out a networking path in order to further your career.

4. Wrike

If you're a team leader and haven't found the perfect tool to track your team's progress yet, say hello to Wrike.

This app pulls out all the bells and whistles. You see so much more than a red checkmark when a task is completed. Wrike allows you to review a report builder that helps you visualize your team's progress through colorful, custom charts.

Each employee works at a different pace, which is why this app includes custom workflows. This feature makes it possible for you to become a more flexible leader because you can assign tasks and manage projects based on more accurate expectations of time and efficiency for each worker.

Bonus feature: Wrike puts business tools like Word, Google Drive, Excel and email in one place. Integration is the key to work efficiency.

Mostly everyone has been this position: You need an important file, but can't remember if you bookmarked it or saved it somewhere else. So,  you end up hopping from one platform to another. You waste time digging instead of doing.

With Wrike, you never have to get lost in those endless searches again. All your tools and applications are filed neatly in one place.

5. Wunderlist

A working female has many things she needs to keep track of: personal errands, work-related tasks, project deadlines, meetings, appointments, the list goes on. Keeping track of everything you need to do can be exhausting. Luckily, Wunderlist offers an application that can reduce some of that stress.

Forget having a planner for your work list, post-its for your to-do list and a notebook for your meetings. This app keeps all your lists organized by separating them into folders. It also sets due dates, reminders and deadlines to keep you up-to-date and on time.

Bonus feature: Wunderlist lets you use hashtags. You don't have to worry about rummaging through folders and lists because you can easily navigate them by just a click of a hashtag.

A working woman has a busy life. She has too many things to keep track of. This app allows you to plan for every aspect of your life in an easy and efficient way.