This New App Lets You Exercise Your Vagina With Games, So Now Kegels Are Actually Fun


Well, friends, I know you were all worried about keeping your pelvic floor muscles strong and healthy.

And if you weren't worried about it, you are now. THAT'S RIGHT. DO 10 KEGELS IMMEDIATELY.

If those 10 kegels were absolutely torturous for you, thankfully, there's a new app out there that'll make them slightly less torturous because you can win things while you do them.

Enter: Perifit S.

Perifit S is an app-and-vagina-device combo that connects your kegels to a game on the app. After inserting the sensor-filled device into your vag (don't worry — it's totally safe), you just have to clench to (literally) win.

The game itself imagines the user as a beautiful butterfly, and your kegels are what help the butterfly glide through different obstacle courses.

Is this app a metaphor for the constant obstacles of womanhood?

Now, if I had come up with this game, I might've made it like "Mario Kart," where my pelvic motions drive the car and my kegels throw things at other players to CRUSH THEM. But maybe I'm too competitive.


Anyway, the app even tracks your progress, gives you personalized exercises and helps you "regain control of your perineum," or the area between your anus and your vulva.

But what's the big deal about pelvic floor muscles in the first place? Why are they so important?

Well, basically, in your body, your pelvic floor muscles are those muscles found between the base of your spine and your pubic bone. They hold everything — your uterus, your vagina and even your bladder — in its place.

But after pregnancy, and naturally as we age, our pelvic floor muscles can grow weak, resulting in really sucky things, like incontinence and even pelvic organ prolapse, where one of those aforementioned organs can LITERALLY bulge into your vagina, like something straight out of a horror movie.

However, kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to help keep all of your shenanigans in place, which is why everybody literally won't stop talking about kegels.


On its Kickstarter page, Perifit explained why the app is so important:

Perifit S solves a problem that more than 1 billon women might have: bladder leaks or incontinence due to pelvic floor weakness. It affects one in three women worldwide and can cause even greater problems. Pelvic floor weakness can lead to surgery for organ prolapse, cause intimacy issues for couples, and affect your sexual well-being.

Perifit S is currently still in the midst of the campaign, but the project has completely surpassed its initial monetary goal. According to the Perifit website, you can pre-order your device now, and it should be available in a little over a month.

YOU BETTER WORK (your vagina), LADIES.

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