Anna Camp And Skyler Astin's Pasta-Filled Honeymoon Is Real Couple Goals

Being young, beautiful and wealthy is a pretty good gig.

And if you've just gotten married? Well, that's ultimate couple goals.

I'm speaking, of course, about “Pitch Perfect” stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin.

After photos of their fairytale winery wedding went live on Instagram, the internet quite literally fell head-over-heels for the couple.

Like the 13-year-old girls we all are inside, fans are now tracking the pair's honeymoon.

Camp and Astin (or is it the Astins, now?) are currently making their way through Italy, taking photos of winding alleyways and sunsets like goo-goo-eyed lovebirds. Granted, they are actually goo-goo-eyed lovebirds.

I don't spend much time thinking about my honeymoon, but the Italian in me only knows one thing: If my husband truly loves me, he'll buy me lots and lots of pasta during our honeymoon.

Thus, Camp and Astin's post-wedding feasts are a cause I can really rally around.

Plus, it's nice to see the pair taking it easy in messy hair and flannels after investing so much glitz into their ceremony.

If you lose 10 pounds to fit into your wedding dress, does that mean you get to gain it all back right after the rings are exchanged? I certainly hope so.

Why get married, except to have someone else to eat spaghetti with? Here's hoping these two did that "Lady and the Tramp" shared-noodle gag.

Camp and Astin are even posting cutesy double-Instagram posts. This photo of a random street doesn't look like anything alone. Wait for it...

...see? He's so into her, he's even taking photos of her photos. Romance, people. This is it.

Looking at these snapshots, I can't tell if I want to cry or watch “Shakespeare In Love” again. Look at you guys, all damp and seeming like normal people!

I really only have one request after seeing all these photos on Instagram.

I need fewer elaborate ceilings and more of your faces. I'm not here for the Sistine Chapel. If I were, I'd be booking my own flight to Europe.

No, seriously.

Happy honeymoon, you two. Keep on being beautiful together.