An Open Letter To My Heartbroken Self; It Will Get Better

Dear Heartbroken You,

Well, here it is — the worst ongoing nightmare/horror story/traumatizing life event: HEARTBREAK. Let the heart-sinking, breathtaking, agonizing feeling for (who knows how long) begin. It’s something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, along with many other things, of course.

Feeling heartbroken is a part of life. We all go through it and whether it’s a significant other who broke your heart or a friend who decided to walk out of your life, it will crush you into grains of sand. There are three terrible times during a heartbreak — check them out:

1. Before you sleep.

As you lie in bed (alone), you probably let your mind wander to all of the good times and the memories, which keeps you wide awake. What ifs and nostalgia consume you and complicate your feelings about where you are and how you feel about what is real.

2. When you first open your eyes in the morning.

That waking moment when you open your eyes, unsure about what is real and not a dream before you remember can be so tough. You remember that you hate your current life. It can be miserable — even nauseating — but the worst, most selfish part is that it allows us to forget that we are blessed to be alive.

3. The entire day ahead of you.

With every step, you will be reminded of that person, even if there’s no connection. You will always find a way to tie where you are to your relationship that you’re mourning. Sounds brutal, huh?

Unfortunately, it never totally ends. It’s that emotion that you can’t seem to describe but lingers in your stomach and heart and makes you want to throw up everywhere. While you try to keep yourself busy to forget the pain, happiness flows inside your heart, but not for long. Depression overpowers happiness. Your body pushes that happiness away, bringing you back to square one, making sadness your comfort zone.

While the overflowing thoughts in our heads gather in our minds, we tend to forget that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel — but there really is one. It’s not an easy thought to brush off because we can never imagine ourselves going back to normal. But, that light manifests with time. Maybe it’s hard to believe that you were once laughing and completely content.

When something goes wrong, it’s easy to feel that the world is crumbling, piece by piece, in the palm of our hands, watching tear drops fall down our cheeks while we yearn for that one person who once whispered sweet nothings in our ears and made us believe that they were forever.

But think about you: You are fun, exciting, spontaneous, intelligent and beautiful. You enjoy yoga, walking around the city, working, meeting new people and hanging out with family and friends.

Don’t put any life goals or plans on hold. As time goes by, negative thoughts and feelings will vanish. You will wake up one morning feeling fresh and brand new. You may not forget that person but you will finally realize that he or she represents a life lesson. Now it’s time to be you — laugh, go out, try new restaurants, dance and sing.

There is absolutely no better feeling than feeling free because being cooped up with sad thoughts is a waste of potential happiness — take back your happiness. You only live once, so remember that while you may be completely infatuated with someone whom you may think is the one for you, be flexible to the reality of your thoughts and the situation. You’re better than someone who stays in a negative situation because it’s comfortable. Wake up and don’t ever forget to smile. Put on your favorite shoes and keep your head up. It gets better. It always does.


Your Un-Heartbroken Self


Photo via We Heart It