Bloody Hell! American Apparel Releases A Line Of T-Shirts That Period Blood

American Apparel has always been known for producing some controversial outfits, but some are saying they've gone too far with these recent t-shirt designs.

These shirts definitely have a high degree of shock value, though the first less so than the second. The first is a white tee that sports a print picture of a girl's torso covered by a wet t-shirt, nipples and all. The second is a bit more aggressive; described as "emblazoned with a drawing of a woman's vagina stained with menstrual blood."

There have been varying degrees of responses from opposite ends of the spectrum. Some have called the shirt "vile" and "disturbing," while others have applauded it, saying "I'll take two."

Needless to say, the designer, Petra Collins, has created some pretty controversial clothing items.

She, upon receiving quite a bit of criticism, has countered that the "T-shirt puts three very taboo topics about female sexuality - 'pubic hair, masturbation, and menstruation' on display for the public." Thus, "this image is stating that women are not subordinate creature to just be entered."

While Collins is attempting to address a lot of the stigmas and taboos associated with female teen sexuality, she must be trying to turn some heads too, right?

Yeah, I'm not going to touch this one. Think what you like.

Photo via American Apparel