How To Finally Master That Air-Dried Look Without All The Frizz

by Fabiana Buontempo
Aleksander Novoselski

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to styling my hair, I am super lazy.

I'll never understand those girls who wash and blow out their hair every damn night.

If you're someone who fits into that category, I'm not judging. Heck, I say more power to you for having that patience.

Personally, I have an insanely annoying amount of thick, wavy and curly hair that's typically hard to manage. I'll get blessed with a good hair day maybe a handful of times a month, if that.

Before the YouTube beauty tutorial phenomenon, I never knew how to properly style my hair. I would either scrunch it (Ah, remember those days?) or blow dry it until I looked like a Chia Pet, and then I'd use a flat iron to straighten the hell out of my locks.

But, I'm a lover of air-drying my hair. Not only is it the easy way out, but it also saves my hair from so much damage.

Newsflash: Heat styling tools burn the crap out of our hair. You might not care about those split ends now, but just wait until you're 10 years older and you've lost half the hair on your head.

OK, that was a bit dramatic, but you get my point.

For some easy tips on how to air-dry your hair and end up with flawless Gigi Hadid-esque hair without breaking a sweat or killing your arm with that blow dryer, I have you covered.

1. Find the right products for your hair type.

Just because your friend swears by mousse for her hair doesn't necessarily mean mousse will do wonders for your hair, too.

Get to really know your texture and hair type to know what products will work best for you.

Read labels to find out what each product actually does for your hair. If you have very thick hair, a volumizing product might not be your best option.

2. Use soft scrunchies on wet hair rather than hair ties.

Whether you're putting your damp hair in a loose bun or a braid, scrunchies are you new best friend.

Wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage, so pesky hair ties will snag at your hair. Scrunchies are super soft and won't leave any annoying dents.

3. Do the styling before bed.

If air-drying your hair freaks you the eff out, fear not.

No one's air-dried hair is perfect, so it does require a little bit of work to wake up with hair that looks like effort was put into it.

After applying your chosen products to your damp hair, braid your hair or pull it into a loose bun on top of your head.

These easy styles will give your hair life and look like you spent a good half hour burning your fingers with a curling iron.

4. Don't overly touch your hair while it's drying.

I'm a victim to constantly touching my hair.

I hate when my hair falls into my face so I'm always pushing it to one side or sticking hair behind my ears. Don't do this.

Continually touching your hair while it's in the process of air-drying will only promote frizz to creep up. Let your hair do its thing and then you can occasionally touch it once it's completely dry.

5. Apply a hair oil on sopping wet hair.

Once I heard about this tip, it was a total game changer for my hair.

When you shut off the water in your shower, apply a hair oil to your sopping wet hair.

Our instincts want us to ring out our hair before any products are applied, but this tip is the total opposite.

Hair is super absorbent when it's dripping wet, and rubbing a hair oil through hair will help create a sort of shield over hair to block out lost moisture, which causes frizz.

The hair oil I'm currently obsessed with is by OUAI.

6. Use a soft cotton t-shirt to squeeze out excess moisture.

Terry cloth towels are super rough on your strands.

I cringe when I see people towel-drying their hair. There are so many things wrong with towels on hair. It causes serious frizz, breakage and totally messes with your hair shaft.

Instead, use a 100 percent cotton t-shirt to wrap your hair in once you're out of the shower and hair oil is applied.

There you have it, my fellow lazy hair stylists. By air-drying your hair, you save so much time to do other stuff, like stalk your ex's new girlfriend or your friend's vacation pics on Instagram.

Or sleep. That's the most important one.