Why Do Women Talk More Than Men?


Don’t get offended, it’s a fact. Women, as a whole, like to talk more than men do. If you don’t believe so, you’re lying to yourself. Sure, there are isolated instances when women are the quiet ones and men are super talkative, but realistically, we take the cake.

Why is this? Have you ever wondered? Well, the University of Maryland School of Medicine did. They conducted a study that concluded that women talk more than men. How much more? 20,000 words per day, as opposed to the 7,000 words men speak.

This is due in part to the “language protein” known as FOXP2 embedded in female brains. Scientists came to this conclusion after evaluating a group of young children, finding that the girls, on average, had 30 percent more of this protein in their brains, which fuels vocalization.

Don’t you love scientific explanations for your faults?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images