Low-Fat Chocolate Made With Vodka

Be still my heart, could this be true? Two of women’s favorite things, chocolate and vodka, combined together to create a low-fat treat? This has to be a dream, pinch me.

Obviously, I have a flair for the dramatics, but I’m very intrigues by this new low-fat chocolate that scientists have developed. The chocolate uses tiny spherical balls of acidic liquid to replicate the fat that makes chocolate taste so good.

Researchers have been working on this product for quite some time, experimenting with fruit juice first, but have found that mini vodka jellies work much better.

However, don’t jump the gun. This chocolate is by no means healthy. Chocolate is chocolate after all, but it may be better for you, fat-content wise, than regular old chocolate.

As much as we try to eat healthy and keep our bodies in check, we can’t deny the things that we love the most. Unfortunately, all of the best tasting foods are the worst for you, but creations such as this chocolate, could curb the after-chocolate-indulgence guilt that we often experience.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images