New Gym Motivation: Philanthrofits

We’ve touched on the topic of motivating women to get to the gym. Some women need an extra push when it comes to working out, like those gyms that charge for you not showing up.

Does this prove that the money is the motivator, even in the fitness realm? I think it does. Thankfully, there’s a bunch of apps for that (obviously).

The newest realm of fitness apps uses money as a kind of motivator for working out. Those who use these apps have the ability to raise money for charity while simultaneously working out. The category of apps is called Philanthrofits, and surprisingly, there’s more than one app that can help you out.


A team of Yale economists designed this charity app. Basically, if you don’t reach your fitness goal; your money goes to a charity you’d hate to support. Set a time frame and a goal and include your credit card information. Choose a charity that you despise and you’re all set. If you meet your goals, you keep your money.

Charity Miles

This app allows bikers to earn 10 cents per mile and walkers/runners 25 cents per mile for a handful of well-known charities.


Created by the company Saucony, Run4Good tracks your miles and routes while simultaneously fighting childhood obesity. Join a monthly community challenge, if the overall goal is reached, Saucony doubles its charitable contribution to the selected organization.

I don’t know about you, but I may start using some of these apps.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images