Women Give Their Younger Selves Advice, And It'll Really Make You Think (Video)

We live in stressful times: Nearly half of women reported feeling "moderately or extremely stressed" in a recent survey, while another 40 percent said they feel like they're "about to burn out," according to Sanctuary Spa.

Those are troubling figures, and the UK-based skincare brand and health spa hopes to drive them down with a new campaign urging women to #LetGo.

As part of the campaign, Sanctuary Spa created a short film in which older women detail the advice they'd give to their younger selves.

The women all share similar ideas, focusing on the pressures of our modern culture and the ways technology has exacerbated our anxieties.

They suggest we unplug and unwind in order to allow ourselves to escape the constant pressures, if only temporarily.

Though the video feels scripted (and the women, a bit insincere), the advice is worth following. If we never allow ourselves breaks from the chaos, we'll miss out on the important things — the little things.

We need to, as the video says, “spend more time being — not doing.”

Check out the video up top and learn more at Sanctuary Spa.