These Ads Show The Lengths Women Have To Go To Breastfeed In Public (Photos)

Lots of women are publicly shamed for breastfeeding, so a few students were inspired to create some posters supporting women for their decision to breastfeed.

“When Nurture Calls is a mock ad campaign to support breastfeeding created by Johnathan Wenske and classmate Kris Haro at the University of North Texas.

Wenske and Haro felt motivated by the stories they heard of women receiving dirty looks or rude comments for breastfeeding in public and thought it was "disgusting" that women are frequently asked to go feed their child in the bathroom instead.

These ads reflect a woman and her child dining in a bathroom and ask questions like: "Would you eat here?"

The posters went viral after 21-year-old mother Monica Young shared her breastfeeding experience on Facebook:

I've heard more than just ‘go to the car’ and ‘cover yourself.' I get more sexual comments than anything. So yeah, it'd be pretty great not to have any nasty comments made while I'm feeding my child, with or without a cover.

Wenske said that nobody, except the mothers who experience the backlash, seem to want to talk about the issue or raise awareness. Even more so, nobody is listening to the mothers' stories.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says that 46 states and Washington, DC, allow breast-feeding in private or public locations, and this poster campaign is supporting a proposal in Texas that would strengthen the state's breastfeeding law.

via TODAY, Photos Courtesy: Johnathan Wenske and Kris Haro