These Stories Prove Laws Don't Stop Abortions, They Only Make Them Dangerous


Women were getting abortions before they were legal and will certainly continue to get them if the government makes them illegal again.

That's the point made during The Scene's video where women describe, in heartbreaking detail, what it was like to get an abortion before the Supreme Court made it legal (and therefore, provided safer choices) via the Roe v. Wade case in 1973.

The women survived the gory experience with memories of excruciating pain, complications from the operation and even sexual assault.

"This man was inside me scooping me out as if I were a piece of fruit or something," says Connie, of her experience getting an abortion at 16 in 1953.

The pain was so outrageous that I do remember leaving my body. I didn't scream but I do remember it was a feeling that I was up out of my body looking down on it.

After removing the fetus and giving her a speech about staying away from boys and keeping her body pure, Connie's doctor also molested her. That's two traumatic experiences done to her body and mind in the same day.

Another woman, Dr. Samuels, did not have an abortion of her own but witnessed three deaths during a short internship at a hospital in Brooklyn.

She says,

"It made me think there must have been a lot more than anybody ever said there was. This is like 50 years later. It seems like almost yesterday. I can still see their faces."

This video certainly makes it easy to empathize with women who have had traumatic abortion experiences, but it is also important to point out that it lacks women of color.

I cannot help but to wonder how much more impactful these stories might have been had they also featured black, Hispanic and Asian women to drive it home that abortion is traumatic for all women.

Still, Connie made a statement that will hopefully resonate with lawmakers as they make decisions affecting women's right to choose, "If we don't guard, very preciously and fiercely, the right to have an abortion, this is what's going to happen."

If we don't guard, very preciously and fiercely, the right to have an abortion, this is what's going to happen.

Your move, Trump Administration.