A Woman Needs Her Girls: 7 Reasons Why Girls' Night Out Will Forever Be Essential

by Ashley Massis

When you think back to your craziest nights, could you imagine any of them without your girlfriends?

In our social media-filled, workaholic society, we need those nights with our girls to remind us why we do the responsible, "adult thing" on the weekdays. Even when life gets too busy, girls' nights are absolutely essential to our sanity.

Here's how they help:

1. To Let Loose and Blow Off Steam

During the weekend, we're on; anything can happen. Most Monday through Friday jobs involve 40-plus hours under artificial cubicle lights, and by Friday, we're very over it.

We crave those two days where we can whip our hair back and forth, smile at the cutie across the bar and forget about those end-of-the-year reports due next week.

Our girls' nights make us feel like the younger version of ourselves, when we were more focused on who's taking home whom, who's puking in a bush and which high school cheerleader gained 25 pounds.

Girls' nights are for throwing our hands up in the air and saying, "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22."

For that line, we thank you, Taylor Swift.

2. Personal Face Time

No, I don't mean over the phone. Our society may be constantly plugged in, but nothing beats a little gossip session with the girls.

We need that personal face time with other estrogen-filled sisters in order to get us through the week.

Sure, my girls are the first to "like" my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts about that delicious margarita I'm having down the road, but they would much rather be there to experience it with me.

Plus, nothing beats a hug from your best gal pal when you're feeling down. They get you, and they'll still hug you if you're feeling down and out about something ridiculous like the terrible "How I Met Your Mother" finale.

A true girlfriend never judges.

3. Girls Need to Dance

Lady Gaga understood a girl's need to dance when she sang the ever-poetic, "I left my head and my heart on the dance floor."

Even Dane Cook, in all of his bro glory, understood a girl's need to dance in his "Dude, I Just Wanna Dance" skit.

It's in our blood. Show me a girl who doesn't enjoy a good night filled with dancing, and I'll show you a bold face liar.

After the four or five vodka sodas we've inhaled to de-stress during our gossip session, nothing makes us feel better about the hell week we just survived than blowing off steam and sweating it off on the dance floor.

4. To Get Dressed Up

Gone are the days of high school dances and college soirées. Most jobs require business attire, which means those tight LBDs are left collecting dust in the back of our closets.

A true ladies night requires us to get fancy, let our girls compliment us and feel great about rocking that new mini.

Let's be honest, it feels good when our significant other compliments us, but NOTHING beats your bestie telling you look good.

She's seen you at 3 am inhaling street meat on the corner, and she was there when you ate a whole pint of ice cream post-breakup. When she says you look good, you know you look good.

5. To Remind You That Just Because You're With Someone, It Doesn't Mean You've Become One Person

Before you met your significant other, your girls were your soul mates. Don't forget that! They were there before, and they will be there after, should your relationship not work out.

All healthy relationships require a balance of time and hanging out with people other than your partner.

Sure, it's absolutely adorable that you guys do all your errands together, have nicknames and even leave the bathroom door open, but it'll be just as cute to do those things and share a really awesome story the next day about your separate nights out.

I take that back. Don't leave the bathroom door open, ladies. A little mystery goes a long way.

6. To Remind You That If You're Not With Someone, Your Girls Are Still Your Soul Mates

Carrie Bradshaw was the first to teach us that guys may come in and out of our lives, but our girls are forever.

They've seen you at your best and worst, and can candidly speak to you about anything and everything knowing you won't judge.

If you're feeling a little down because the dating pool has been waning thin, your girls will be right there to support you and tell you it's not you; it's them.

Girl code confirms it: It's always the guy's fault.

7. Your Girls Keep You True to Yourself

If you've been working too much, attached at the hip to your significant other or decided it would be a good idea to buy a toe ring, a girls' night out is there for your "A Team" to evaluate and call you out if needed. They know you better than most and won't be afraid to hold back. You need those nights to stay grounded.

People come into your life for a reason, and the girls you keep around are the ones who will shape your life.

They don't want anything in return but your friendship -- and possibly to borrow that new mini you've been rocking.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It