A Gentleman's Club Has Opened In London…For Women

Normally we're not fond of elitist clubs that discriminate against certain members, yet two-month old The Other Club in central London is anything but exclusive. Sure, it's specifically geared for professional females and described as a place for "women who do," but men are technically allowed so long as they bring a female plus one.

"We're not trying to be separatist," says co-founder Joy Lo Dico. “It keeps women in the majority in this space,” she explains. Katie Glass, a fellow journalist who opened the club with Lo Dico adds, "It's not like we're anti-men."

Joy Lo Dico and Katie Glass started the club together after recognizing that there was a void in the social space for women to meet other enterprising women. They wanted to create a special place for ladies to discuss work, life, being a woman and modern feminism. “There's so many professional women working in London now, we wanted to socialize with them,” Lo Dico shares.

The club is not your typical disco joint. The Other Club hosts a variety of private dinners, professional talks and is an open workspace during the day. The discussions include female physicists confabulating about their jobs, nights called "Slut Night" and Playboy Bunnies," cooking, even a sexual assault in Beethoven II. It's a no-holds bar and it's bringing women of all backgrounds together.

At around 5-10 Euro for a talk (about $7.50 - $15) or 20 Euro for a dinner (around $30), the club is deliberately affordable so that it is accessible to all women. Save for the token barman, the crowd is usually all women. He's normally the only male present, which prompted Glass to purchase him a T-shirt saying, "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like."

One of the first of its kind, The Other Club is already wildly successful. They have had more than 40,000 visits to their website, are fully booked for the next few nights, and Lo Dico jokes they have had so many tweets she almost told their followers to stop.

On one particular PR event night for women in public relations, Gemma Feeney, who owns her own PR company says, "There's a lot of that ‘women don't support women and she's successful so she's a bitch,’ but actually there's a lot of women celebrating women. I want to meet other women like me, and talk about how to balance work and life and children, but also celebrate the rewards." Now that's some good PR!

Ladies, would you be interested in a club targeted towards professional women? What kinds of nights would you want to attend?

Via: The Telegraph, Photo via Facebook