A British Gym Is Teaching Girls As Young As Six How To Pole Dance

In Britain, there's a new emerging trend: little girls as young as six are taking pole dancing classes.

Parents were understandably upset when the weekend club they sent their daughters too — advertised as "gymnastics" — began teaching these girls how to grind up on a pole.

LaKiTa Dance Academy in Warrington, Cheshire, first made parents mad when their website uploaded a video of their young female students dancing suggestively to a sexually-explicit Nicki Minaj song.

Since the video was made public, coach Lauren Kenealy has attempted to respond to the overflow of criticism about the club's dancing programs, stating that their routines, even though they involve a pole, have "nothing to do with being sexual."

While we admit there's already an overly-used willingness to sexualize the female body (and especially that of young women), pole dancing is kind of inherently sexual, whether Kenealy wants to admit it or not.

Although pole dancing might build core strength, and while the openness of the gym might promote positive body images for the young female participants, it's still kind of creepy to image girls as young as 6 years olf working their best stripper-esque moves.

It's probably best if the kids stick to the regular rumble-and-tumble of organized sports.

via Daily Mail, Photo Credit: Getty Images