9 Things Only Girls Who Grew Up With Older Brothers Will Understand

by Margaret O'Brien
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You love him. You hate him. You're stuck with him forever. A big brother is an irreplaceable presence in any girl's life.

Sometimes, he is the bane of your very existence; other times, he is the sweet, fatherly guy who gives you advice and never fails to make you laugh.

You don't choose your big brother, and he often likes to remind you he didn't choose you, either. But, you're family.

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Being the younger one, you never got to hold your brother as a baby or watch him take his first steps, but there are definitely other things you did experience. Here are nine things only girls who grew up with an older brother will understand:

1. You covered for him with your parents at least once

Whether he threw a kegger while mom and dad were away on vacation, or had a girl over in his room, you were there to save the day.

It was stressful coming up with lies on the spot and making sure your parents bought them, but big brother was counting on you.

Plus, he would do the same for you, right?

2. You used to snoop through his room while he was out

Just because you would occasionally cover for him didn't mean his sun-deprived hole of a room was off-limits to you.

But, no matter what you found -- dirty boxers, a box of condoms, pictures of naked women -- you always regretted looking. Every. Time.

3. You had a crush on one of his friends

You loved when he had his friends over for a guy's night because that meant the designated hot friend would be coming.

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You know, that one charming, blue-eyed friend you swore even your mom had a weird thing for?

4. One of your friends had a crush on him

As much as it disturbed you, the reverse to number three was also true. At least one of your friends would come to your house and immediately ask, “Is your brother home?”

You saw the hope in her eyes and held back vomit. File this one under things you'll never understand.

5. He didn't approve of the boys you brought home

There were times he made your life a living hell, but there were other times when he showed his protective side.

Maybe he wasn't always nice to you, but there was no way he was going to let some guy hurt you. Your boyfriends had a tough time befriending him.

6. He supplied you and your friends with alcohol

Whether it was prom night, beach week or any other occasion, big brother bought the liquor.

He never promised to cover your ass if your parents found out, but he went through the trouble of getting it for you.

7. You never got to pick what you two watched on TV or listened to in the car

He was driving so he got to pick the radio station, or at least that was his rationale. Same with the television: He had the remote so he got to choose.

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If you had to watch one more second of Sports Center's top 10 countdowns, he was going to get punched.

8. You still have injuries from fighting with him

No matter how many times your dad told him it's never okay to hit girls, he always found a loophole.

Pulling your hair, wrestling... You name it, he did it.

9. You grew up with a best friend

You two may have fought all the time, but at the end of the day, he was still your buddy. You guys grew up together and had each other's backs, no matter what.

He was a pain in the ass, but he'll always be your big brother.