The 7 Sure Signs You Have A Real BFF


Let's face it, not everyone has a Real BFF. Yea, most people think they do, but they don't, or they at least have them mixed up with someone else. The RBFF has been around a long time and one of the things that makes them special is the amount of content that they have stored up there.

They know you're past, they were there yesterday, and more importantly, you're going to call them again tomorrow, because this one's your hard drive, your archive, your Dropbox.

So, how do you know you've got a RBFF on your hands? Well, pens and papers, girls. Here's your list:

1. Only a meeting of the eyes is required when a particular douche bag or betch walk in. This can sometimes be masked by looking the other way or down at one's drink, but this is only done by professionals.

2. Your RBFF knows when to call the next morning and say, "So, did something happen?" and will never bother to ask you with who, because she will already know. Names are rarely exchanged past that initial introduction.

3. Your RBFF knows what your guilty pleasure is at McDonalds. Yea, maybe it's only once a year, but she knowssssss.

4. Your RBFF will compromise hygiene for quality time with you. Pre-shower shopping sprees is the only way to do Saturday mornings.

5. Your RBFF will appear in moments when it's not logical. Sometimes it's a bus ride at 10pm or a phone call at 4am. It's not absurd to her and it's not absurd to you. She's your emergency contact, even when she knows that sometimes they aren't emergencies at all.

6. Your RBFF knows what your default is: the guy, the side order, the movie, the bar, the cookie brand, etc. She also knows the excuse you use to make yourself feel better.

7. Your RBFF reminds you that there is something out there just for you. A job, a someone, a place. She reminds you that things fit like a glove. She reminds you that there are things out there just for you.

Top photo courtesy of Tumblr