65 Things A Daughter Can Thank Her Father For

by Elite Daily Staff

He might send super lame chain emails or embarrass you in front of your friends, but there’s no denying that your dad will always be the most loyal, caring and selfless man in your life.

We quickly forget to appreciate all the little and big things he does for us, especially as we get older and move farther away from home. But that’s the wonderful thing about a dad: No matter where we are in our lives, he will be there for us in an instant.

It’s a special kind of love that transcends distance, mistakes or grudges.

Because Dad does so much for us, we want to do something for him. Here are the 65 things you can thank your dad for this Father’s Day.

1. Coming home from a long day of work and spending time with you

2. Financial support -- specifically the destruction of your first credit card.

3. Your horrendous furry eyebrows or thicket of arm hair.

4. Your inherited grilling-master expertise. Dad taught you everything about what it takes to sizzle.

5. The oversized sweater that you are currently wearing.

6. Showing you how a man should properly treat and respect a woman.

7. Playing "Tea Party" with you when your stuffed animals weren’t sufficient.

8. The history lessons that were never taught in school and the politics behind the politics.

9. Your athletic abilities... or lack thereof. Regardless of how well you played, Dad was always there to cheer you on or argue with the referee.

10. Tough love.

11. Corny Dad jokes.

12. Not siding with Mom when you’d have an argument at the dinner table ( least once in a while).

13. Proving that men can, and do, buy tampons for their significant others.

14. Successfully driving a stick-shift. Or, er, successfully driving in general… (Sorry, Mom!)

15. His appreciation for technology... but refusal to use any of it. Thanks, Dad, for offering to take our old iPods. You keep us young.

16. Your keen ability to negotiate. You might look soft, but you’re tough when it comes to business.

17. Knowing how to properly handle the power tools. You’re pretty handy when it comes to installing your own air conditioner and shelving. Who says it’s a man’s job?

18. Your blind devotion to Bruce Springsteen and all things classic rock. Dad may have been instrumentally challenged, but he certainly appreciated quality music.

19. Taking the training wheels off your first bike.

20. Firmly shaking someone else’s hand.

21. Looking both ways before crossing the street.

22. Poor eyesight.

23. The inability to read the newspaper, listen and respond all at the same time. But at least now you read the paper!

24. The correct way to eat Oreos and milk.

25. Never forcing you to become a doctor, lawyer or something that you’re not.

26. Spoiling you.

27. Being wickedly inappropriate and embarrassing in front of your friends. They love him for it, though.

28. Living within means. No Madoff situations in this house!

29. “The Godfather.” One and two.

30. And while we’re at it, your distaste for action films. He may have won you over with his music taste, but his movie choices left much to be desired...

31. Taking care of your pet hamster when you were younger: an animal you never played with, which had a smelly cage he changed regularly.

32. Procreating with Mom. Technically, you owe him 50 percent of your life.

33. Still not knowing who Justin Bieber is.

34. Feeding you junk food when Mom wasn’t around.

35. Knowing how to fight, stand your ground and hold your own.

36. Letting you paint his nails when you were younger.

37. Learning how to avoid doing laundry and other household responsibilities.

38. Chain emails and cheesy text messages.

39. Always having the best intentions, especially when it comes to protecting you.

40. Forgiving you when you broke his glasses, crashed his car, jammed his printer, infected his computer with viruses, passed your germs onto him and shattered the window playing too rough.

41. Making you laugh when you're upset and putting things into perspective. No one comforts quite like a dad does.

42. Never judging and always giving sage advice.

43. Making your friends feel welcomed in his home. Your boyfriend, however…

44. Being invested in your life.

45. Giving you everything you wanted, within reason. Maybe he paid for your schooling or your new car or your first rent check or art supplies or prom dress or spring break or birthday present or cable TV in your room or video game controller or concert tickets or surprise party. Dad is always ready to support you.

46. Tokens of wisdom. Like, “The masses are asses” or “Fast food doesn’t count if no one sees you eating it.”

47. Understanding when to challenge authority and when not to.

48. Exemplifying what it means to be a real, good man in this world.

49. Encouraging you to work hard and to your fullest potential.

50. Throwing a ball, shooting hoops and fishing. Recreational time spent with Dad is better than watching it on any television.

51. Lack of selfie-awareness. He’s still learning how to take a proper selfie, but in the meantime, his attempts are wildly entertaining.

52. Your smart sense of direction. But definitely not your willingness to ask for directions.

53. Drinking quality beer.

54. Providing and being unconditionally there for family.

55. Always having your back.

56. Tipping well. This habit has, in turn, rubbed off on you.

57. Knowing how to defend yourself and throw a punch when necessary. Never put your thumbs inside your fists!

58. Still not understanding what he does exactly for a living.

59. Your high standards when it comes to choosing a partner. They need to work for it!

60. Attempting to explain the stock market… over and over again. We’ll get there, Dad.

61. Seasoning the chicken.

62. Keeping his wife and children happy.

63. Circumventing the awkward birds-and-bees talk. Health class was awkward enough.

64. Making 401k's even more confounding.

65. Feeling so lucky every day to have the best father.

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