48 Things That Will Make Any Girl On The Face Of Planet Earth 'Almost Die' Right Now

by Ashley Fern

There are many things that can make a girl literally die on a daily basis. Sure, this inherently sounds contradictory, but sadly, it is the world we are living in.

Before we move on, it is in your best interest to watch this video that accurately depicts conversations between two females who can't even right now.

Get it? Got it? Good.

As you can see, there are tons of things that make females stop dead in their tracks, thus making us think we are literally dying on the reg. Weird? Yes. Typical Behavior? Definitely.

So, what are those things that cause us to feel this way? Well, they look a little something like this:

1. Having to wash your hair after a good hair day

2. When your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend is annoyingly a solid 9

3. The fact that it's 2014 and Dunkin' Donuts refuses to buy soy milk

4. Ryan Gosling with his shirt off

5. Jay Z and Beyoncé's impending divorce

6. The fact that summer is almost over

7. Realizing you don't need to go to the gym because there are apps to thin you out

8. The fact that pumpkin spice lattes are coming back early

9. An unbooked SoulCycle class

10. Finding something good at LF during their one sale of the season

11. Getting caught touching up your makeup at Sephora when you aren't buying anything

12. Getting 20 new followers on Instagram in one day

13. The fact that Farrah Abraham makes $544,000 stripping and you can't afford your rent

14. The realization that no matter how hard you try, the Kardashians will be more successful than you

15. When the barista at Starbucks f*cks up your order

16. Looking like an oompa loompa after getting a spray tan that you purchased on Groupon

17. When your waxer unintentionally removes half of your eyebrow

18. Getting your period while wearing your favorite pair of white jeans

19. When you finally find the time to get a manicure only to screw it up the second you get home

20. The fact that you dropped over $200 on a new outfit only to show up to a pregame where your best friend is wearing the exact same thing

21. Showing up to an appointment on time only to be forced to sit and wait for another two hours

I will never understand why you make an apt at the doctor for 9:00 and still are sitting in the waiting room at 10:11 am. #bullshit — Heather Kraft (@Heather_Kraft) August 22, 2014

22. Showing up on time to a group dinner only to sit alone at the table for 30 minutes until your friends arrive

23. Pregaming too hard and having to go home early

24. Not being let in the club because you're "too drunk"

25. Being forced to attend a family gathering when you're hungover

26. Not being sure whether or not you actually had sex with that guy from the bar last night

27. Walk. Of. Shaming.

28. Running into someone you know while walk of shaming

29. Buying a ticket for a concert in advance only to find a Gilt special two months later for half the price

30. Getting a text that reads "K."

31. Having to make the first move

32. Not having enough money in your bank account to food shop or buy lunch

33. When your friend won't listen to the advice you're giving her and you know you are 100 percent right

34. People who post 120-second Snapchat stories

35. When people upload back-to-back photos on Instagram

36. Whenever someone is blatantly doing something for attention

37. Scrolling down your news feed and only seeing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos

38. People who post their political views on Facebook

39. Any and every time someone announces an engagement

40. When everyone around you is getting hit on

My Friends Constantly Get Hit On While I Awkwardly Sip My Drink: An Autobiography. — Hungover Barbie (@Hangover_Barbie) August 20, 2014

41. When your waxing schedule isn't aligned with your sex life

42. Having to pass on a group outing because you're broke

43. When you are already running late and can't decide on an outfit

44. The bag you have been waiting to go on sale is still $100 more than you can afford

45. When people abbreviate unnecessary words

46. FOMO

47. Perf

48. Totes

And, I'm dead...

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr