The 50 Things Every 20-Something Girl Needs To Stop Doing

by Elite Daily Staff

Our 20s are messy. We're trying to carve a meaningful path, feel significant in our daily lives and navigate the ever-changing social landscape. Stability feels like a luxury when we're rapidly growing up and altering our courses.

And yet, we're constantly reminded that these are our 20s! The time of our lives! We should be enjoying this random chain of events, strapping ourselves in and riding the roller coaster.

But what would make the trip easier? Breaking these habits that preclude us from becoming the people we want to be. Here's the ultimate list of things every 20-something woman needs to stop doing...

1. Complaining that there are no available, good men.

2. Lamenting about how much you ate and listing all the food items (...and then eating a pizza for dinner).

3. Talking smack about people you like and hang out with.

4. Drunk texting. Seriously, that never ends well.

5. Neglecting your personal health and wellness. It's important to take care of yourself.

6. Tanning. No excuses.

7. Having unprotected sex.

8. Hating your body and worrying about your weight.

9. Taking nude photos of yourself and thinking they're safe with your boyfriend.

10. Pretending to be friends with people you no longer care about. You're not doing anyone a favor.

11. Covering yourself in makeup.

12. Skipping the gym and then whining about not going.

13. Validating yourself by putting others down.

14. Drinking cheap liquor. Do your hangover a favor and upgrade.

15. Beating yourself up – we’re all young and learning.

16. Taking gratuitous selfies. Hate to break it to you, but no one cares.

17. Bitching that all men are the same. They aren't, you know this, and it's a waste of energy.

18. Stalking your ex on social media. Doesn't matter what you find, it's not going to comfort you.

19. Being afraid to take a chance on your career. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

20. Buying clothes at Forever21 because they are affordable...and then never wearing them.

21. Being mean to your parents. Give them a break, they've given you thousands.

22. Texting someone back after they've called you. It's rude.

23. Getting upset over not having a boyfriend. He won't want you if you're frowning all the time.

24. Overspending money you don't have. Live within your means and you'll never feel stressed about finances.

25. Feeling intimidated by people you don't know. Chances are they're actually nice and friendly.

26. Drunk eating...(yeah, right).

27. Comparing yourself to others. You'll never win.

28. Losing your cellphone -- drunkenly or otherwise.

29. Purchasing jeans a size smaller in hopes of finally losing enough weight to fit into them.

30. Immediately responding with "Ew."

31. Backing out of plans.

32. Trying too hard to get married.

33. Playing with your hair.

34. Shying away from opportunity because you're too lazy to push yourself.

35. Thinking the guy has to initiate the plans.

36. Taking yourself too seriously. You're reading Elite Daily for Pete's sake!

37. Thinking you're better than the nerdy guy at the bar trying to buy you a drink. By age 29, you'll be begging these guys to take you out.

38. Planning to get "catch-up" drinks with your ex. There's no such thing as platonic when he's been inside you.

39. Drinking too much and crying at the bar. Ain't nobody got time for that.

40. Buying too high heels and ruining your night wearing them.

41. Being too quick to judge someone outside of your social circle.

42. Wearing sweatpants outside of the house. If you look good, you'll feel good.

43. Complicating your love life.

44. Becoming complacent with your routine.

45. Posting your relationship status, your baby's pictures or about losing your first tooth on Facebook.

46. Texting while driving or while at the table.

47. Starving yourself.

48. Writing ignorant sh*t or stupid, hurtful comments online.

49. Committing a wrong-doing and not owning up to it.

50. Settling for less than your best.

Top photo credit: Brittny Moore