5 Times You Communicate With Your Besties Without Saying A Word


There are a million and two reasons why having close girlfriends is the best thing in the world. It means always having someone to to share that cheap bottle of Chardonnay with, never having to watch "Vanderpump Rules" alone, and having at least double the amount of cute clothing and accessories at all times.

Aside from those pretty basic reasons having close girlfriends rules, there's the wonderfulness of being able to communicate with just a look.

Upon reaching that close bond girlfriends share, it's as if telepathy just comes with the BFF territory. Girls have the infallible ability to communicate with one another without saying a word. This is oftentimes with a certain look, grunt, eye roll or something else entirely. Below are five times besties speak non-verbally:

1. When a guy says something awful or just generally misogynistic about women

Misogynistic comments frequently stem from ignorance (or stubborn drunkenness), and most women know that responding to them directly or defensively is just a waste of time. Sad, but true.

So, when guys say really awful things about women or one of our friends, we just throw a glance that says, "He did not really just say that, what a jerk!"

Usually, this look communicates that you're gagging, you're amusingly pissed off, or like you just heard the most ridiculous crock of bullsh*t ever. Cue the eye roll!

2. When someone who you don't want to see shows up

Whether an ex, a mean evil girl from our pasts, or a former creepy professor, we all have certain people we absolutely dread watching walk through that bar door.

When said unappreciated guest does show up, however, the environment may not allow for speaking openly about our, shall we say, discontent.

Luckily, there's a look for that! It's somewhere between "oh my God, just kill me now" and the nonchalant "LOL, this should be interesting."

3. When you begin to tell a story your girlfriend does NOT want you to tell

Maybe you two are at a restaurant table with her parents, and she doesn't want them to know about the time you guys accidently did shrooms in Central Park. Whatever potentially embarrassing situation it is, it can be completely diverted with just a single, severe look between girlfriends.

This look is often a short and serious look – one that says "I will kill you if you continue with this story." Thankfully, we girlfriends are not ill-versed with this look, or with this situation. So, when this look is shot, we know not to stop the story short and sketchily, but to instead change it completely.

4. When your bratty friend says something, well, bratty

Every group of girlfriends has that one friend who, love her as you may, is sort of a brat. You gal pals decide that it's not worth the constant drama to always call her out, but sometimes, when you realize what she's saying is kinda snotty, you exchange the "look."

This look is one that says, "She is actually such a bitch, why would she say that," without having to say it! It is sort of an eye roll meets haughty laugh, and is directed at the female friends of the group who also think the remark was unnecessary and sooooo Kim K.

5. When you need "saving" from a guy

This infamous look, the "save me" look, is the look of all looks between girlfriends. We all know that guys absolutely will not take no for an answer (we need a goddamn "Yes Means Yes" policy implemented just for life).

Sometimes, we don't feel comfortable walking away from the weirdo grinding into us or rejecting the nice guy at the bar who's buying us drinks. Hence, the "save me" look.

This look, which can vary from outright desperate to harshly demanding to smiling through a tight smile, is how we communicate "get me the f*ck away from this dude" without saying a thing.

Though there are many more of these loaded looks that besties share, the five above are the most frequent times we can say what we're thinking with just an expression.

Ahh, I love female-hood.