5 Stylish Looks Made For Spring's Weird, Fluctuating 50-Degree Weather

by Lydia Mansel

March is a waiting period; it always has been.

When you were younger, the excitement of potential snow days was gone and you were just looking forward to summer break.

During your college days, you were waiting to hear about internships and jobs and wishing for April and warm-enough weather to comfortably drink outside.

March in the real world isn’t much different.

You're anticipating the exact second you can toss your worn wintry parka into the back of your closet. You’re waiting for the morning you check your iPhone and see “sunny and 75” as more than just a song on a Spotify playlist.

In the meantime, your wardrobe will have to survive all 31 days of transitional, unpredictable March weather.

Your app might say 52 is the "high" for the day, but you know better; March weather has more ups and downs than a scripted reality TV series.

We put together six different outfits perfect for the weird, 50-degree weather you'll experience between now and May.

You know you're going out for the night, but you're not sure where you'll end up.

Black is safe, but edgy. It stands out, but it never looks out of place.

Paired with a few key accessories -- a bright bag and high, comfy heels -- this outfit smoothly transitions from a douche-packed bar to something a little more downtown.

It's a Sunday, and you have 10,000 errands to run.

I will preach the pros of a good pair of overalls until I die: trendy, comfortable and appropriate year round.

A cozy sweater and a lightweight anorak jacket (you can throw it in your bag if things heat up) make doing laundry, buying groceries and dropping books off at the library a little less painful.

And a good, chestnut boot, like this one from Madewell, is just as comfortable as a pair of sneakers.

You're headed to happy hour as soon as the workday ends.

Leather -- or more accurately, pleather -- pants are the busy working woman's gift from God.

They're as comfortable as leggings but more professional. And hey, if there's someone cute at the bar, you certainly don't want to be looking dowdy in mid-rise slacks.

A white button down, strappy, black flats and a beige trench create the highly sought-after, seemingly effortlessly chic look.

Your friend is having an all-girls wine night at her apartment.

The combination of an over-the-knee boot and skirt is a simple alternative to the leggings and oversized sweaters you've been hibernating in all winter.

On a night like this, you may be completely surrounded by girls, but it doesn't mean you can't show a little skin. A little bit of thigh peeking above the boot is just the right amount.

The fur adds a little color and a light overcoat is definitely necessary -- you know, just in case a bottle (or three) encourages you to take this party into an all-nighter.

When you've made day-long plans with mimosas and bloody marys.

Yeah, you want to look cute -- for the Instagram, of course -- at brunch.

Comfort is the most important factor when you're filling your stomach with eggs and alcohol.

A loose top, high-waisted jeans and a slip-on pair of tennis shoes don't look as plain when a faux fur coat is thrown on top.

You never know how strong the pitcher will be, so a crossbody satchel is your best bet if you don't want to be the girl who leaves her phone, keys and credit card at the table.

You swiped right enough, and you're finally going on a date.

Deciding what to wear on a first date is even harder than trying to figure out what to wear in 50-degree weather (or so people tell me).

To cut down on the stress, stick with the go-to outfit rules for any special occasion: Keep it simple, and depending on how cold 50 degrees feels as you're headed out the door, take a pair of tights.

It's a big night out, and you absolutely have to look hot.

Jumpsuits aren't as intimating as you might think. If I didn't already own three different black jumpsuits, this one would be hanging in my closet.

It's warmer than a dress and easier to put together than a shirt/pants combo. Leopard pumps and a statement jacket will accent your figure well.