This Is Exactly How Bat-Sh*t Crazy Girls Act When Losing Their Phones (Video)

by Ashley Fern
Elite Daily

Losing your phone -- even thinking you lost your phone -- is enough to give anyone a heart attack. I mean, how are you supposed to meet up with that cute guy you've been texting or refresh your Instagram likes? How are you expected to order pizza from the taxi on your way home? I know... priorities.

Of course, you would never take responsibility for misplacing your phone because you can't imagine any time you'd ever put it down. Instead, you start throwing rampant accusations around.

This prized possession doesn't come cheap either, which is probably why we freak the F out every time we can't find it and have to think about replacing it. Nah, who are we kidding? It's definitely because of Instagram.

This is exactly why this video is so spot on.

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