Bonjour! 5 Reasons Every Girl Should Live In Paris Once In Her Life

by Alex Schnee

There are few places where it is absolutely necessary to visit, and Paris is certainly one of them.

As a female travel writer, I’ve been to many places throughout the world, and Paris has a certain allure and way of taking the breath out of your lungs. Every time you visit, it's a slightly different experience.

Here is why every young woman needs to visit Paris at least once in her lifetime... and why she’ll want to go back again and again:

1. The History

Very few cities have the kind of history Paris does. Every street, every building, every type of wine you try is a tribute to tradition and the culture of the city.

Whether you decide to stroll through the seemingly endless halls of the Louvre, or stop by Shakespeare & Co. and peruse the shelves of books, you’re experiencing a sense of history and your place within it. In a city like Paris, you can’t escape the feeling of having some part in its long history when you walk the streets.

2. The Food

Let's face it: Who needs a French lover when you can have a crêpe? Or an au clair chocolat? Every girl with a healthy appetite knows Paris is the place to find some of the most desirable cuisine in the world.

The best part about traveling to Paris is that you’re happy to slip on something with a little larger waistband after a few days. Who knows when you will be able to have the perfect baguette and brie cheese again?

3. The Possibilities

There are cities where the possibilities seem endless, like New York, Rome and, of course, Paris. They are the backdrops for some of our favorite movies, and when you want to believe your wildest dreams somehow have a chance of coming true, it’s easy in a city like Paris.

It’s the old stomping ground of some of our favorites artists and writers, people who have given us inspiration and have received their inspiration from the city of Paris.

Visiting the city gives a whole other dimension to the movies we see and the books we read.

4. The Language

Knowing the French language is not a requirement to journey to Paris, but after spending a few minutes listening to the musicality and romance of it, you’re going to wish you remembered what you learned in high school.

Not only is it one of the most beautiful languages in the world, but so much of the English language is derived from French sayings and words you might recognize.

There are many reasons to learn a spattering or two before you take the time to visit, but perhaps the best is knowing how to order the perfect cup of café au lait.

5. The Memories

Most of us have no idea when our next adventure will be or where we might experience it. After making some memories in a city like Paris, you’ll have souvenirs you can carry with you for a lifetime.

You can make memories traveling to any location on the globe, but Paris tends to hold some truly special experiences you probably won’t have anywhere else.

Whether you choose to travel on your own or with a bunch of friends, you’ll never forget the times you had in Paris.