Please Just Stop: 5 Feelings All Women Have When Harassed On The Street


The first few times you’re catcalled, it's both funny and disgusting. Men leer at you with a hungry look that you find both complimentary and confusing. 

You think, “Why are they shouting things at me?” And then, “Oh, that guy thinks I'm beautiful. Okay, that's nice. I could get used to that.” After a few more times, however, the catcalling gets painful.

It feels like when your tongue hurts after gulping scalding soup; you didn't expect it and you really don’t want to experience it again. They call you "b*tch" way more than "beautiful," and you hardly deserve to get cussed out by strangers.

Mostly, however, you're just plain tired of it.

It has happened to most of us — 95 percent of women, in fact. Some dude leering, groping or screaming at us while we walk down the streets makes us feel like nothing more than public property on display (minus the “do not touch” sign, of course).

The debate of street-calling seems to be coming to an end.

From the steady stream of stories and catcalling quotes coming to light (finally), it’s becoming clearer that men shouting, “I’d rape that b*tch!” from their car windows is more of a harassment than a compliment. (Just hashtag #everydaysexism or #EndSH if you don’t believe me.)

Until it stops completely, women will always harbor some discomfort in the back of their minds when they step outside; they'll have no choice but to wonder whether today's the day they'll be violated.

Of course, when the catcalling does happen, a multitude of perplexing feelings tumble through our heads.

Here are five examples of what happens, as told through actual street harassment stories via (@ActHarassment):

1. Confusion

Getting approached by complete strangers can be pretty confusing. Sometimes, if a guy starts talking to me, I think I might know him, but then a few seconds later, I realize he's just a total stranger, asking if he can lick my legs.

Here’s one girl’s story:

2. Anger

Men are annoying in general, but getting harassed when you’re trying to get somewhere pisses me off more than weird hair on my soap. Seriously.

3. Fear

Walking alone at night is terrifying enough without some sh*tbird following and shouting at you. Shut up and let me walk in fear alone, you dumb sh*tbird!

4. Embarrassment

Things that are embarrassing: sweating through your shirt in gym class, clogging the toilet at your hookup’s house, that time your mom found your vibrator, getting called b*tch, slut, whore, or cunt in public street, spilling ice cream on your shirt... also, this:

5. Unsure of how to react

Catcalling, like Miley Cyrus so eloquently sang, comes in like a wrecking ball, and you just aren’t sure what to do about it.

If you haven’t visited yet, please do. Submit your anonymous stories to make an impact. Let’s end this crap.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It