These Are The 4 Types Of Friends You Need To Reach Ultimate #SquadGoals

by Aja Baise
Peyton Weikert

Friends are our chosen family. They are there to celebrate our successes, as well as be a shoulder to lean on in times of misfortune. A major lesson I've learned in my life about friendship is different friends are made for different occasions and different seasons.

Every friend is not meant to weather the storms and triumphs of life with you. We should learn to accept and appreciate the friendships we have for what they really are.

If you happen to be as blessed as I am, you will eventually form a close-knit circle of friends in your life. Quality over quantity: Never forget that. Here are four friends you should definitely include in that intimate circle:

1. The Marilyn

This is the friend who knows everything about you. But for some crazy reason, she's still decided to stick around and be your closest friend. This is the friend you have known for so many years, you've probably lost count of the exact number.

She has been around for all of the highs and lows of your life: every heartache, every celebration, every adventure and every shed tear. This is the friend who has seen you at both your best and your worst. She is always the first person to tell you how amazing you are when you've accomplished something great, and she relishes in your successes as if they are her own.

She is also the first person to tell you when you're about to make a colossally epic mistake you will end up regretting later. She will probably end up being the maid of honor on your wedding day.

2. The Cole

This is the lone guy in your circle of friends, and he is pretty darn amazing to put up with all your craziness. This is the friend who challenges you to be a better person. This is the friend who makes you consider the bigger concepts in life.

He thinks outside the box. You appreciate it because the world is full of enough people who think in exactly the same way, and it's boring. This is the friend who you can talk to about what's going on in the world, as well as what's going on in your life.

He is passionate and open-minded. You appreciate him for always bringing a new perspective to your life.

3. The Kayla

If you and this friend listed your personality traits on paper, you'd be pretty much identically-matched. This is the friend you met in college, and you can't imagine how you ever survived without her.

This is the friend who you can act like a complete idiot around, have giggle fits with, dance and sing at the top of your lungs with and fan girl out over Nick Jonas with.

You majored in the same subject in college, and bonded over the struggle together. She is the friend who you can vent to about your love life, school and work. You know you'll get great advice.

She will never judge you, even when she disagrees with you. Although because you're so alike, disagreements are rare.

4. The Brittany

This is the wild card in your circle. She is who she is, and she couldn't care less whether you love her or hate her. You love her for having that fearless attitude.

She is practical, down to earth and your biggest cheerleader in life. She is the friend you want have on speed dial in times of crisis because she is great at managing things. She is also the friend you want to have in a fight because she is fiercely loyal and will not tolerate anyone picking on her friends.

This is the friend who is always down for a good time and a great selfie. She always considers your feelings and opinions.

Each friendship you form and nurture is special in its own right. You should never expect one friend to fill the void of another friend, nor should you expect one friend to do the exact same things you may do with other friends. So go out, stay open and find your golden four to add to your friendship circle.