This Little Girl's Reaction To Her Sister's Period Is How We All Feel Inside

Getting your period for the first time can be scary for any woman. But for this 3-year-old, seeing blood come out of her sister's vagina was a life-or-death situation.

I mean, the concept of menstruation isn't something 3-year-olds should be expected to grasp at all, so it's no wonder she thought her big sister was in trouble.

On this fateful, unfortunate day, Rain Tolentino followed her 16-year-old sister Meeiah into the bathroom, just like any other curious little kid who's obsessed with his or her older sibling would.

But Meeiah hadn't locked the bathroom door, so Rain got an accidental premature look at menstruation.

Rain was pulled out of the bathroom by Meeiah's cousin, but she was in there long enough to see what getting your period looks like. She immediately broke into tears, worrying her big sister was dying.

I would have been a wreck, too. I mean, even my own reaction to my first period was pretty emotional — and I totally knew what was coming.

Meeiah told Buzzfeed, “She was yelling, 'You need to go to the doctor' and 'You're going to die because you're bleeding!'”

Rain's concern for her sister is pretty adorable. At least we know in an emergency situation, this kid would definitely know what to do.

Meeiah caught a clip of her little sister's reaction before comforting her. After that, Rain was totally fine and forgot about the whole thing. Meeiah also put the video up on Twitter, where it was retweeted over 80,000 times.

We feel you, Rain. Periods are scary. But maybe it will be less scary for her in the future, now that she's seen it?

You can check out the whole video below.

Anyone who has ever menstruated can relate to this horrified reaction: