29 Weird Things All Sisters Fight About That Only Bring Them Closer

by Elite Daily Staff

Sisters are the best kind of friendship there is because no matter how weird and twisted and awkward your fights become, you can never stay mad at her or hold a grudge against her. Reason: She's your sister. And that is reason enough.

She's the girl who one-upped your imaginary friend because she speaks the same language as you. You feel lucky that she is your sister and she feels the same way.

And above all else, you have no choice but to love each other. Here are the 29 things only sisters fight about.

1. Who the grandparents love more

“Grandma gave me her favorite ring for Christmas. Clearly she loves me.” “Grandpa basically told me I’m the favorite when you were born.” “Grandpa hasn’t been able to see since 1984.”

2. Who has better hair

Don’t lie. We know you’re secretly happy that your sister chopped off all her hair and it looks terrible. Now you are the clear winner for a while.

3. Whether random childhood memories only one of you remembers really happened

We hate to break it to you sis, but you are totally imaging singing “Aladdin” in the kindergarten class play. Maybe you were adopted…

4. Who gets that wedding song for her big day

“But you already called dibs on mom’s dress!” “Everyone knows my taste in music is better. It wouldn’t make sense if you played it.” “No one is even going to go to your wedding! I’m not.” “Fine, I’ll have Beth be my Made of Honor.”

Wait, what were we fighting about again?

5. Hypothetical scenarios

“If you could choose anyone else to be your sister, who would it be and why?” “If mom and dad moved to NYC would you live with them instead of pay for rent?”

Your sister is the only person who truly understands where you’re coming from.

6. Who gets to wear the outfit that you both put on

You’ll find any reason as to why she can’t go out in it. But seriously, it looks better on you anyway.

7. What to get mom for her birthday

Sometimes you wonder how you both came from her because your tastes are so different. She would love an advanced payment on her coffin.

You would know – as the younger sister you’ve been at home alone with her longer.

8. Who gets which bed on vacation

No matter what though, you’ll insist that she got the better one unfairly.

9. Who costs mom and dad more money

Whoever went to the in-state college deserves more financial appreciation from your parents.

10. What dishes you two are splitting at sibling dinner

It’s a heated argument until you both realize that you’ll charge it to your parents’ card, in which case you’ll just get both. It’s all in the name of bonding.

11. Whose turn it is to talk to Great Grandma

You spent an entire day pretending to take care of her. That’s worth at least five phone calls in exchange.

12. Where we’re going to put mom and dad after they retire

Some place where their money will keep growing versus “your place.”

13. Who had way more privileges growing up

She got a car. You got to use it to sneak out to your illegitimate boyfriend’s house. She stole their alcohol. You filled it back up with water after a few swigs.

You and your sister aren’t competitors – you’re partners in crime.

14. Who helps out more when she is home

Meaning, who makes mom do less for her. Because there’s no way either of you are making your beds or doing the dishes.

15. Who is more likely to become a Lifetime movie

“Your life is way more tragic.” “Your childhood was way more traumatizing.” “We had the same upbringing dumbass.”

16. Who scored the better genes

Let’s be real here. It doesn’t even matter as long as you win in the hair category. See: number two.

17. Who pissed off your parents more

That time you got too drunk at your friend’s Sweet Sixteen and needed them to pick you up before you got arrested probably takes the cake.

Congratulations, you finally beat your sister at something.

18. Mom’s recipe

You were never good at following directions. Let her take the lead on this one.

19. Boyfriends

Playing the devil’s advocate with each other can be so… evil.

20. Who is responsible for denting the car

You replaced the tail light, so technically the remaining bruises are her fault. RIP The Queen. It was a good run.

22. Who has the better group of friends

The real debate is: Why do either of you care? You’re happy hers aren’t yours and vice versa.

23. Whether you should go home with that guy or each other

It depends on what you’re craving for late night…

24. Who has rights to mom’s engagement ring

Sharing was never you and your sister’s strong suit.

25. Hooking up with each other’s friends

This isn’t exactly a strange thing to fight about. In the end, you’re just trying to protect each other.

26. Who is the golden child

You bought dad a grill for his birthday that he is now literally married to, so that makes you the clear winner.

When she tries to argue her case, you pull the plug on the whole thing -- just like you did when you were 12 and losing at Mario Party. Some things never change.

27. Who was the better student

The older sister always likes to say she paved the way for the younger one. In true fashion, the older sister’s argument is getting old.

28. Who is the rightful owner of your mutually favorite t-shirt

“I bought it.” “Mom bought it.” “For me.” “For the both of us.” “Which by default means me.” “Eff you.” “Eff you.”

You guys are really good with communication.

29. Who loves the other more

You may have your fair share of silly arguments and say ridiculous stuff, but at the end of the day, you two also speak the same language and that's one of sisterly love.