The 28 Things Every Gen-Y Female Should Be Grateful For

Tradition sets forth that each end of November we gather together to give thanks. Over biscuits and stuffing, we solemnly swear to appreciate all we’ve been given.

I will speak for myself when I say that more often than not, I have closed my eyes and joined hands with family without actually considering what it is I am thankful for. Amongst second cousins and stepparents, I have recognized family and friends as a staple, but was pressed to ponder more.

This year, I took the time to really reflect on what matters. If you were unable to come up with a list of things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, I have acknowledged 28 things for every Gen-Y girl to appreciate. So, if you forgot to give thanks this year, change your mindset before 2014 arrives. We have plenty to be thankful for…

1. E-Cards

Whether it’s a bad day in the office or a fight with your boyfriend, there’s an e-card for that. The innovative cartoons and quips mocking everyday struggles encourage us to remember to laugh at ourselves; or better yet, at others.

2. Pot


3. Dive Bars

When it’s dark by 4 pm and it’s too cold to put on cute shoes, every girl knows where to find a laid back spot to go out drinking. Your local dive bar will never cease to supply a decent jukebox and a judgment-free zone in which you can sip some whiskey.


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5. Red Wine

It’s the classy way to get bombed in cold weather.

6. Pancakes

Nothing feels quite as good on a crisp, fall morning as warm, sweet bread in your belly.

7. Instagram

It has given us each the tools to become an amateur photographer, sharing our every adventure through flawlessly perfected pictures. From burgers to babies, to avant-garde snapshots of subway graffiti, Instagram allows us to tell our story through pictures and the results are remarkable. #foodporn #shameless #selfie #mylifeinphotos

8. Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

Women across the globe are taking collective sighs of relief that when referencing the “bat-sh*t crazy meter,” we land lower on the Richter scale than we had once believed. Even if we don’t want to admit it, watching girls our age we’ve often envied self-destruct somehow seems to be endlessly entertaining.

9. Hot Yoga

Running in the blistering cold is for the birds. The trendy and sweaty new practice of hot yoga keeps you in shape and in tune with your spiritual center while burning crazy calories.

10. Pumpkin-Flavored Anything

The general consensus is that from bread to beer and all in between, everything tastes better with a touch of that pumpkin goodness.

11. Sweater Season

We all love jean cut-offs and bandeaus, but it’s nice not having to be midriff-ready for a couple months out of the year. Take these winter months to relish in the glory that is your favorite comfy sweater.

12. Cuddle Season

Summer hookups may keep the bodies hot, but there’s something to be said about weather that actually encourages body heat. Let these sub-zero temperatures be an excuse to hit a Redbox and find you a big spoon.

13. No-Shave November

First and foremost, we all wish to do our part in supporting men’s health. It is simply a glorious benefit that this movement to take a stand against Colon Cancer has left most men looking delicious. Even if clean-cut preppy boys are typically your type, there’s no way a brawny bearded man doesn’t excite you.

14. Condoms

Aside from that manger-dwelling Mary, I don’t know of a single woman who would prefer to ring in the New Year impregnated instead of intoxicated. ‘Tis the season to wrap it up, everyone.

15. Pinterest

Virtual corkboards prove extremely helpful in mapping-out our next vacation, dream wedding and fall wardrobe. Pinterest has provided a free forum of ideas that allows us to create and exchange concepts worldwide without even picking up the phone.

16. Yankee Candles

Bottling up the sweet smells of fresh snow or maple syrup, these candles are the scents you want warming your home.

17. The Santa Set-Up At The Mall

There’s something charming and nostalgic about passing a staged North Pole and line of kids impatiently waiting to give Old Saint Nick their wish lists.

18. E! True Hollywood Stories

When Thanksgiving Eve has left you with a hangover that’s sure to last till Christmas, you can count on hours of tawdry investigative reporting to keep you comfortably entertained.

19. Scarves

They double as warmers while keeping you stylish and they’ve been proven to distract from bad hair days.

20. Fire Pits And Fireplaces

For those of us that refuse to give up our outdoor attitudes, a good fire can offer all the heat and light necessary to keep the party going. Plus, anything done in the presence of a fireplace is just sexier.

21. Cyber Monday

Shopping online is now the norm and holiday shopping is no exception. Cyber Monday gives us one day to sort through the very best bargains that online retailers have to offer without grueling long lines, screaming babies or lack of parking.

22. Balling, Boarding, Skating and Skiing

We appreciate the men of baseball and golf alike but can agree that this season’s sports are just hotter. Snowboarders and broad-shouldered football fans are in abundance this time of year, and it is a beautiful thing.

23. Christmas Lights

Every girl likes a twinkle to match the one in her eye.

24. Moisturizer

These wind chills do little to enhance our good looks and it’s important we take good care of our skin. I remember reading an article on Madonna when I was 15 years old. She said that the first rule of beauty was a good moisturizer; I’ve been an avid moisturizer ever since.

25. Pasties

Your favorite holiday dress is backless and you need to keep the girls tasteful in these temperatures.

26. Crock Pots

Baby, it’s cold outside, and comfort foods like chili and roast are best made in this magical appliance. Bonus: you don’t actually have to know how to cook to use it.

27. Old School Holiday Hits

Like it or not, when Mariah starts to tell you that you’re all she wants for Christmas, you never change the station.

28. Love

Even the Grinch’s heart was warmed by this dearest notion. The joy of finding it, feeling it, sharing it and making it is all this big world really dwindles down to. After the garland hanging, turkey stuffing, gift-wrapping and table setting, we realize that the driving force behind all of this madness is, in fact, love.

So for this season and those to follow, welcome the holidays with warm hearts and open arms. You’ll find that, ultimately, all that matters when celebrating is that we are doing it amongst love.

Photo credit: Rich Kids Of Instagram