25 Reasons Women Are Crazy About Fall And Everything It Brings

by Sam Maracic

The time has come when bikinis are making their final descent to the back of our drawers, and Labor Day is officially a distant memory of weekends past.

September is here, and with fall finally upon us, we must acknowledge what lies ahead: the start of a new season. Leaves changing colors, temperatures dropping -- it really is all part of the fun.

Although the hassle of finding closet space for boots and sweaters galore may be bittersweet, we ladies simply can’t deny the affection we possess for this time of year. From candles and coffee to holidays and day drinking, the list goes on and on.

So, in the spirit of change, here are just a few of the simple joys that come along with brisk air and pumpkin ale. Feel free to indulge.

1. Two words: leg hair. Yes, I said it. The full coverage of pants is undoubtedly accompanied by an internal sigh of relief that now justifies our desire to skip the entire process of shaving and sleep 10 more minutes in the morning.

2. Seasonal flavored beverages: Whether it's pumpkin beer or a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, there is no denying that chicks eat, or should I say drink, this sh*t up.

3. Boots and booties

4. The oh-so-cliché relief that comes with not having to see yourself in a bathing suit for the next few months. Adios, bikinis.

5. The return of Jax Teller, Kelly Severide and all of your other TV obsessions. After all, summertime can be lonely without the enjoyment of our favorite shows.

6. Oktoberfest... because, well, why not?

7. Assuming your shirt remains an appropriate length, you can now officially utilize the stock of black leggings at the bottom of your dresser. With boots and a scarf, they’re basically the spandex version of skinny jeans, right?

8. All black everything: We now have one more reason to enjoy the comfort of dark clothing and nail polish.

9. Football season: True, some of us may be more on board with this one than others, but at the end of the day, football season provides a weekly opportunity for eating, drinking and enjoying each other's company. So, while the term “hook and ladder” may mean nothing to you, just about everyone can all get behind the idea of a little Sunday Funday.

10. Flavored candles: Because we’re not drinking enough pumpkin and cinnamon as it is.

11. The end of poolside, torso and thigh Instagrams (especially when there’s feet in there -- no one wants to see that).

12. Wine tasting without the heat.

13. The high of managing to execute a killer first day of school ensemble (because we all know it's downhill from here on out).

14. No more frizz (at least on the days when it doesn’t rain).

15. No longer having to choose between living in the dark and sleeping in your own sweat and paying extra to run the air conditioner.

16. Halloween: Whether you’re going for “sexy kitten” or “cat lady,” it’s still another excuse to get your drink on.

17. Sticking with the dark theme and dying your hair (until you’re ready to go light again in April).

18. Stocking up on notebooks, pens and highlighters (all of which you will undoubtedly lose by the third week of classes).

19. Oreos stuffed with orange cream filling and Dunkin Donuts treats with festive colored sprinkles.

20. The return of scarves: With sunnies, you can work mysterious and hungover all in one look.

21. Apple and pumpkin picking: Sometimes, cheesy activities are the most fun of all.

22. The first happy hour of the school year.

23. A holiday dedicated to stuffing your face with the people you love.

24. Being able to breathe during a morning jog (maybe now you'll actually go).

25. A fresh start for another year of endless possibilities.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr