#TrustNoOne: 20 Signs You're A Girl With Serious Trust Issues

by Charlotte Phillips

Certain experiences in life have the ability to shape your personality, for better or worse. A former best friend may change the way you make friends, a cheating ex may change the way you enter into a relationship, and the way you behave when in it.

Blame your daddy issues, blame your loser ex-boyfriend from college: Some girls have what are categorized as overarching “trust issues.”

Unfortunately, these can contaminate every area of your life. You’re never quite sure who to believe and you doubt everyone’s motives, from your mom’s to your gynecologist's.

If these 20 signs sound familiar, then congratulations, you are officially a girl with trust issues.

Embrace them, work on them, do whatever you want, but just own the fact that you have #trustissues.

And while this may not always be fun, there are worse problems you could have.

But, you probably don’t believe me.

20. You have his friends on speed-dial.

When your boyfriend tells you he went out with his friends last night, you ask which friends. You proceed to call each one to ensure he was, in fact, with them and not some random girl.

19. You need all of the passwords, all of the time.

You demand the passwords for your friends, family and boyfriend’s email and Facebook accounts, obviously.

18. You doubt medical professionals.

You go to the doctor for a general health check-up with no worrying symptoms at all. Once he pronounces you to be in perfect health, you insist on a second opinion.

17. You can never play the Trust Fall game.

You just know everyone's cheating. Falling backwards in your friend’s arms and expecting her to catch you? Just, no. Never.

16. You know not to trust strangers.

When someone tells you the time, you ask three other people afterwards. You know... just to make sure.

15. Your boyfriend doesn't go out unaccompanied.

It doesn't matter how tired, bloated or moody you are, you will never, ever let your boyfriend go to a party without you. Or, like, to the grocery store.

14. You are a pro at virtual stalking.

You have, of course, secretly installed a tracking app on your boyfriend’s cell phone.

13. You are the only person you rely on.

You don’t confide in anyone, including your therapist, whom you, groundlessly, suspect is not 100 percent confidential. You are permanently on the verge of exploding with all the things you keep bottled up.

12. You felt validated when Edward Snowden came forward.

You seriously considered throwing your cell phone away when the Edward Snowden and NSA stuff was revealed. Obviously, you had already suspected the government had been spying on you for years.

11. You're suspicious of his family.

When you first saw a photo of your boyfriend with his arm around his sister, you broke up with him, assuming instantly it was a girl he liked.

10. You struggle to be kind.

Someone you know very well asks to borrow $20, saying she’ll pay you back in a week. You are so hesitant, it becomes awkward because you are convinced you will never see the $20 again. Eventually, the person just asks someone else.

9. You have major privacy concerns, duh.

The idea of someone looking at your laptop makes you break out in hives. There is nothing incriminating on there, and yet the thought of someone seeing your search history or photos makes you feel physically nauseated.

8. You keep your sh*t hidden.

In fact, your phone has a passcode, self-locks after three seconds and important notes and emails are written in a code that you invented and memorized, so there’s no recorded evidence. Just in case, you know.

7. You are scarred by childhood occurrences.

You will never eat a chocolate chip cookie, or a raisin one, because you’re so scared of getting the wrong one.

6. You never trust ads.

You are satisfied with most makeup products you buy because you never expected them to do what they said in the first place. So, your concealer doesn’t conceal. Who would even believe marketing hype anyway?

5. As IF you'd Snapchat.

The whole concept never sat well with you. You never believed the image could truly disappear, and you never trusted the person you were sending it to not to screenshot it.

4. You keep friends and family separate.

When your mom mentions she likes your new friend, you get super jealous. Does your mom like her MORE than she likes you? Should you risk bringing this girl home again?

3. You want to use your skepticism for the greater good.

You dream of being recruited as a top detective because you know you’d question every clue and be amazing at your job. Except, of course, you wouldn’t trust that the recruiter was for real.

2. Blind dates are a no.

You would never because you can’t trust anyone’s judgment other than your own.

1. You doubt the infinite wisdom of the Internet.

You are the only person you know who uses three search engines aside from Google. Because who controls those answers and how are you meant to believe that one site is always right?

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr