19 Simple, Everyday Things That Women Are Tired Of Being Scared Of

by Lauren Martin

There’s no denying it’s harder to be a woman than it is to be a man. What people don’t understand is it’s not just harder, it’s f*cking scarier.

Yes, we get paid less. Yes, we have our rights questioned. Yes, we have to conform to idealistic standards.

But what about the other stuff? What about the fact we can’t travel alone or walk down dark allies without fearing for our lives?

What about the fact we can’t wear clothes without second-guessing our choices or wondering if we brought the cat-calling upon ourselves.

What men walk down dark allies wondering about dangerous women? What men get scared their outfits will elicit unwanted comments and attention?

Men don’t have to think about this kind of stuff… ever. It'll never once be a second or third thought for them. Wondering about the "what ifs" will never be an inhibiting factor. Why should they be scared to walk home?

Why should they be worried about how they’re dressed? Why should they have to rethink their Eurotrip because it’s not safe for them to travel alone?

Everything is safe for them. Everything is open to them. Everything is an option. But women, no... women have to worry.

We have to worry because men can’t stop preying on us, can’t stop taking advantage of their strength. Men can’t stop keeping us down because they want to stand taller.

They can’t just let us live our lives the way they live theirs. We must live in constant fear. And you know what, I’m f*cking tired of being scared.

The walk home.

I’m tired of walking home with my keys in my hand and my cell phone in the other.

I’m tired of wondering if it’s too late for me to leave and if staying over a guy's place is safer than risking the walk home.

Admitting you like something girly.

I’m tired of always being judged for my preferences. Why can’t I like pink while still enjoying a good boxing match? Why is it one or the other? I’m tired of justifying my own f*cking life.

Being labeled.

I’m tired of holding in my thoughts, downplaying my feelings and worrying about what people think. I’m tired of hearing people think I’m a "bitch" because I don’t want to f*ck them and a "whore" when I do.

People not believing you.

I’m tired of people assuming I’m lying or looking for attention because it's about something they don't want to hear.

Taking the subway late at night.

I’m tired of wondering if the guy sitting across from me is going to threaten me or make a move. I’m tired of always keeping my eyes wide open… I just want to close them for once.

Being drunk.

I’m tired of watching my limits because if I drink too much, someone might take advantage. I’m tired of fearing if I pass out people will say it's my fault if I get raped.

Keeping your hair in a ponytail working out versus a bun.

Even the men with ponytails don’t have to think twice about it, but women know all too well that a ponytail is much easier to grab hold of...

Taking taxis and Ubers.

I'm tired of wondering if this cab driver might be the one who's crazy and hates women enough to hurt me.

Living alone.

I'm tired of looking for roommates and safe neighborhoods because it'll be my fault if I chose wrong.

Bill Cosby.

Just saying...

Being called a "whore."

I’m tired of worrying about what label or stigma will be put on me if I follow the same sexual whims and desires as any man. I’m tired of holding back because I don’t want people to think I’m too forward.

Going abroad.

I’m tired of having to worry if my rights will be less-received in another country, if the men of another city will prey on me with the same vigor and intensity as the ones from my own.

Doing anything alone.

I'm tired of wondering if I'm putting myself in danger -- if I'm doing this to myself -- just because I want to be independent.

Any man in a position of power.

I'm tired of feeling like your penis is the first thing I should respect.

Asserting yourself in business.

I'm tired of being scared to speak up and act like the boss I am.

Asking for more money.

I'm tired of feeling like I don't deserve the right to ask for a raise the way a man feels entitled to.

Asking for what you want.

I'm tired of feeling bad for having needs and wants that deserve to be met the same as any man's.

Talking about feminism.

I'm tired of feeling like a feminazi just because I believe women should have equal pay.

People assuming you’re too emotional to prove your point.

I'm tired of feeling like having emotions and feelings is a weakness.