16 Life Lessons Every Girl Should Teach Her Little Sister Before It's Too Late

by Victoria Pickens

Having grown up as "the little sister," I know how much older female figures can shape a young girl's life.

I never really let my older sisters know it, but I would take mental notes of certain things they did and said, and would then apply them to my life.

Here are 16 different lessons we should pass on to our younger sisters:

1. Don't always be a follower.

It's cool to follow your friends on Twitter, but not in life when they do something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

If your friends don't respect your decision to make your own decisions, it's probably time to find new friends.

2. Read.

When you read more, you learn more and you should never want to stop learning. Read magazines, newspapers and books that cover fashion, health, fiction and history.

Reading helps you to better understand the world around you and helps you to develop new interests.

3. Make your own rules and set your own values.

Never let anyone tell you what you should want or how you should live. Listen to other people's advice, but don't force yourself to believe what they’re telling you.

This goes for career, religion and relationship decisions, too.

4. Control your own happiness.

Being happy is a decision that doesn't depend upon whether you're "single" or "taken" or how expensive the shoes on your feet are.

It's not about how popular you are or how many people like you; it's about YOU liking yourself.

5. Be creative and DIY.

Learn how to do your own nails and redesign your own clothes. The ability to be innovative and creative is one of the best traits to have because you'll always be somewhat, if not completely, original.

6. Keep a journal.

Write to yourself in a journal as much as you can. It's a way to document your thoughts and feelings so that you can look back and reflect on them in the future.

Plus, journaling helps you to learn more about who you really are and who you want to become.

7. Be open-minded.

Don't get stuck on one life plan or one specific way to do things.

When you keep an open mind, you open up a whole world of possibilities for yourself, like meeting new people and going to new places.

8. Dream big and work hard.

Your dreams and goals are totally attainable if you're willing to work hard enough to achieve them.

Nothing worth having is easily attained, so if you have a dream, start planning on how you'll be able to make it to your reality ASAP.

9. Don't argue over social networks.

Whether it's with your boyfriend, best friend or just an acquaintance, social network drama is nothing but public entertainment.

When it's all over, you'll want to delete it, but the power of screen shots will save it in people's memories forever. Do yourself a favor and keep it offline.

10. Your virginity is YOURS, no one else's.

There is no perfect or "normal" age to lose your virginity. Don't base your sex life off of what others have already done, plan to do or are pressuring you to consider doing. Wait until you feel ready.

11. Sex is way better when you're in love.

It sounds cliché, but it's better to wait to have sex with someone you love. When you're with someone who makes you feel comfortable, you’ll both feel free to take your time to figure out how to do it right.

12. Consider a tattoo for at least two months before getting it.

Don't jump at the opportunity to get your name tattooed on your arm when you're 15 and know a guy with a basement body art shop.

If you do it, by the time you're 18, you'll be looking for ways to get it covered up.

13. Drink water and eat fruit.

Your body and your skin will thank you.

14. Travel.

The world is too big to be confined to one small area your whole life. Save your money up for a trip to Italy rather than for a new Louis Vuitton bag.

The value of traveling is worth way more than clothes. Experiences are priceless.

15. Stop living vicariously through celebrities.

You’ll miss out on a lot of living and creating a life of your own if you're stuck making fanpage Instagram accounts and reading Perez Hilton all day.

16. Don't look to me, or anyone else, to be your only role model.

It may seem like I'm a super responsible adult, but that's not always the case. Along with going to college, working and being great, I also make mistakes, go to crazy parties with my friends and use "curse words" a lot.

I never want you to attempt to copy the things that I do or to try to be like me or anyone else; I want you to be yourself. Be your own role model.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr