14 Reasons The Bond Between Girlfriends Is Unlike Any Other

by Samantha Bun

You have just landed a hot date for the weekend! Who do you message first?

That’s right, you group message your girlfriends, who are, collectively, always the first point of contact. Why? Only because they’re some of the most important people in your life and you know they’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines.

I can only hope that you have friends like mine — beautiful, bold, caring and talented women. Any man who has an opportunity with one of them should consider himself to be among the luckiest men on the planet.

Here are some reasons I’m among the luckiest ladies because they’re in my life:

1. Your Girlfriends Are Fun, Flirty And Nothing Short Of Fantastic

If it’s what everyone is feeling, your girls are always up for a wild night of partying. Every time you’re together, there is one major priority: to have fun. Your girls always work together to ensure that everyone has an amazing night. Together, you guys are a powerhouse.

2. Your Girlfriends Are The First To Slander Your Ex Or The Douchebag Who Screwed You Over

That’s right, your girls hate him, no matter the circumstance and no matter how much you insist the guilt should plague both parties. Your girls never thought he was good enough for you and that you deserve a man who will treat you like a queen — you’re a total catch.

3. Your Girlfriends Are Your Number One Perverts

We dress to impress… the girls. Admit it, her opinion matters more than his. Friends pump you up and tell you that your ass looks amazing and that your chest is perkier than a porn star’s. And you gladly return the favor.

4. Your Girlfriends Want To Experience Everything With You

Through the lows and the highs… you know what I mean?

5. Your Girlfriends Crack You Up

They’re the funniest people you know; you love hearing their stories and they're so witty that sometimes you spit out your wine and snort like a pig.

6. Your Girlfriends Will Open Their Closets To You

You share a “what’s mine is yours" policy and can only hope that you look half as great as she does in her clothes. If it doesn’t fit, she’ll tell you to suck it in and pretend not to struggle while zipping you up.

Or, she’ll attribute the ill-fitting outfit to your huge boobs, regardless of you both knowing it’s not the case.

7. Your Girlfriends Know Everything About Your Life

Your girlfriends know every little detail about you and can read you like a book. It’s almost like they have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing that something is wrong.

They even know everything about your sex life. That’s right, boys. Your girlfriend’s best friends know everything about your penis: girth, length, whether you have a “helmet” or not, what turns you on. We know everything.

8. Your Girlfriends Are The Best Listeners And Give The Best Advice

Your ladies always offer a shoulder to lean on. As soon as one says, “We need to catch up,” a girl’s night is planned and a bottle of champagne is cracked open.

The girls will listen objectively and give you their two cents about whatever’s on your mind. You’ll be surprised about the wisdom your friends have; they are smart and intellectual women with whom you should be proud to associate.

9. Your Girlfriends Always Tell You The Truth

They know you so well that they can be completely honest with you when they think you screwed up or acted out of line. Though, no matter how blunt they are with you, they have the best intentions at heart. Most importantly, they never leave you feeling like less than you are.

10. Your Girlfriends Will Never Judge You For The Choices You Make

They will tell you their opinions about your decisions and most of the time, they will disagree. They don’t want you to date that guy who doesn’t reply to your texts or the guy who is just using you for sex.

Nevertheless, they respect your decisions and don’t accuse you of being a skank when you’re sleeping around all over town. They judge you for the content of your character, not the things you wish to do in your own time.

11. Your Girlfriends Encourage You To Pursue Your Dreams

Your girlfriends know your talents and encourage you to pursue your passions. They prod at you when you’re stuck in a dead-end job and harass you with pamphlets on that makeup or fashion course you always wanted to take.

They believe in you with all their heart because they know you are capable. Even if you didn’t get that job or get into that course, they’ll tell you it’s okay and you were worth more, anyway. They make up your cheer squad.

12. Your Girlfriends Celebrate Your Successes

When you share any kind of good news with your girls, their faces light up and they spew congratulations. Then comes the classic Facebook status declaration, when they tag you in a long speech about how amazing of person you are.

13. Your Girlfriends Will Always Be There

If I fell into a ditch one day, my girls would be the first ones to save me. In the past, they have dropped everything and rescued me when I needed them — I would absolutely do the same for them. Try as you might, but you can never get rid of them.

14. Your Girlfriends Love You Unconditionally

They just do.

Female companionship is incomparable to having boyfriends, and anyone who has amazing girlfriends can vouch for how necessary they are in life. I love my girls.

Photo via We Heart It