12 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The Confident Girl

by Gigi Engle

The confident girl is a fabulous, glorious thing to behold. She knows herself. She is sure of herself and her capabilities and she constantly proves herself to be worthy of her self-assurance. She is comfortable in her own skin. She is an amazing creature.

Yet, there are a lot of things that people tend to get completely incorrect when it comes to a confident girl. Her boldness is often confused for a lack of emotion; her intensity can often be misconstrued as bitchiness.

It's all too common for a woman's confidence to be misconstrued for cockiness. Men are allowed to be as confident as they'd like without ever being faulted, yet when a woman demonstrates these same behaviors, she is considered arrogant and self-absorbed.

All of the misconceptions surrounding the profoundly confident woman can be attributed to the unfair role society puts onto  women. Women are told to be meek and unassuming. We’re supposed to be quiet and reserved. If we're bold, we're thought to be brass. If we're solid, we're thought to be self-centered.

No way! Pass on that! Women do not need to settle for these ridiculous, societal tropes. Women should be proud of their strength.

The confident woman should not be faulted; she should be praised.

If you have the self-awareness and courage to believe in yourself, that is something you should be proud of. If you’re a confident girl, hold your head high.

Here are 12 things that everyone gets wrong about the confident girl:

1. She doesn’t need praise.

If a woman is sure of herself, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to hear that she’s doing a great job. Even if she's pretty, smart, driven and funny it doesn't mean she is unworthy of amiable words.

Sure, she knows she’s a fearsome thing to behold; of course she is aware that she’s killing it on every project she’s assigned, but she still appreciates a kind word. Like any person, being told she’s doing well feels great.

2. She doesn’t get hurt.

She is a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out and get it. That doesn’t make her it impervious to hurt.

She has spent much of her life building up her armor, but that doesn’t make her cold or unfeeling. If a woman has confidence, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a heart that can be broken.

3. She doesn’t need to be loved.

A confident woman may be happy on her own, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t crave love. In fact, she is a person who is ready for love because she loves herself.

Men will often think that because a lady is strong, she doesn’t want to be tender. You can have confidence and still be interested in love.

4. She thinks she’s better than everyone else.

Since she walks with her head high, not caring about what anyone has to say about her; the confident woman is often considered stuck up.

It usually comes from jealousy. Other people don’t know how to handle a woman who is sure of herself, so they write her off as snobby.

5. She doesn’t have vulnerable moments.

We all have vulnerable moments. That doesn’t mean we aren’t confident. In order to be your strongest, you must embrace your weaknesses.

A confident woman is perfectly susceptible to vulnerability. She is self-aware and in tune with her emotions. She is strong, not empty.

6. She was simply born confident.

She worked for her confidence. She spent a lifetime crafting it and solidifying it. Her self-assurance is a byproduct of her labor.

She didn’t pop out of the womb believing in herself. It took a lot of effort and fortitude. A woman’s confidence is grown when it is watered, against all odds.

7. She’s always on.

When a confident woman is not on her game, it confuses people; it throws them off. People often think that because she is such a go-getter and a doer, she isn’t capable of having moments where she isn’t ready to jump in to any situation.

8. She’s confident in absolutely everything she does.

She doesn’t know everything about everything. That doesn’t make her weak; it makes her human. The confident woman is often assumed to be confident in everything, without exception.

Of course, this is unrealistic and dangerous thinking. There will be plenty of times where she will question herself and wonder if she’s capable. It is her belief in her own ability that will ultimately carry her through to the finish line.

9. Her confidence is an act.

One of the most common ways that a person will try to tear down the confident woman is by questioning the validity of her confidence.

They’ll say, “It’s an act.” “She’s covering up for something.” or “She’s masking her insecurities.” None of this is accurate.

Her confidence is pure and it is true. These kinds of destructive comments will have little effect on her and time will prove the haters wrong.

10. She always gets what she wants.

She may be a master of persuasion and very capable of having the cards turn in her favor, but that doesn’t mean things come easily for her.

She may be confident, but that doesn’t make her manipulative. She may get turned down sometimes, but she definitely doesn’t give up without a fight.

11. She’s always flirting with you.

Confidence is not the same as sexual attraction. Men are drawn to her confidence. She speaks with an air of knowledge and sophistication because she’s comfortable in her own skin.

She may be sexy, but she isn’t necessarily looking for romance. Speaking with confidence can often be confused with flirtation because both are displayed without fear.

12. She isn’t afraid to fail.

She is equally as afraid to fail as anyone else, but she takes precautions to assure that the likeliness of failure is kept to a minimum. If she fails, it will not ruin her confidence.

It will only make her stronger. A confident woman may be afraid sometimes, but she will always face the challenges she is given head on.

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