10 Things Every 20-Something Girl Needs For A Happy Life

by Casey Cavanagh

Women are in constant demand. Between jobs, families, social calendars and relationships, we’re steadily pulled in various directions.

However, in a woman's pursuit to be the happiest and most successful person she can be, it’s important she also gathers a few things in life just for herself.

Here are 10 things every 20-something woman needs for daily happiness:

Life-Cleansing Routines

In a society of constant consumption, we're quick to accumulate. Following the old adage that "less is more," it’s necessary to haul the junk so we're left with the treasures.

From cleaning out your iPhone contacts and closet, to ridding yourself of toxic relationships, every now and then it’s necessary for a woman to take a step back and determine what -- and who -- needs to go.

An Exercise Regimen You Actually Enjoy

Question: If your gym membership is set up to automatically withdraw from your checking account every month, will anyone know you didn't actually ever go?

Answer: Stop wasting your money on memberships you'll never use. If you're not a runner, don't pretend like you will be one day. No amount of yoga pants will make you a yogi.

Being active does not have to be painful; the key is finding something you actually like. Try a barre or kick-boxing class. Try dancing or swimming. Try running up and down the stairs until you want to puke. Honestly, try anything and everything that keeps you active until you find something you actually enjoy.

Friends (Not Acquaintances)

As we grow up, a lot of friendships fall to the wayside -- not because we're losers, but because there are few people who actually have our best interests at heart.

That may sound harsh, but although the girl you go out drinking with every weekend can be fun, she may not be the healthiest person to keep around you.

Everyone has his or her own agenda. As we mature and grow, the things we want in life come more clearly into focus, blurring out the rest of the bullsh*t that doesn't serve a purpose in our lives. Let it go.

A Solid, Steady Reading List

While not everyone’s cup of tea, there is no denying that reading makes you a smarter, well-rounded person. Whether it is magazines, American classics or strictly Elite Daily articles, making a point to interest yourself in the written word for at least a few minutes every day will provide you with an outlet for learning and expanding your mind.

Little sips of the world are great on social media, but there is more out there. You need to drink in as much as possible from people who aren't on your Twitter feed. Read something in print, if only just to give your eyes a quick rejuvenation from illuminated screens.

Something Special You Bought With Your Own Money

As struggling 20-somethings, we often seem to be in a never-ending rotation of loans, rentals and relying on our parents to dig us out of financial holes.

From car payments and student loans, to our rent and grocery shopping, it's important to have at least one thing you bought with your own hard-earned money.

May it be a Birkin bag or a beat-up bureau you refurbished from a yard sale, own it and be proud.

Drinking Limits

Knowing your limits will prevent you from being the sloppy drunk everyone avoids, and also from having to deal with embarrassing mistakes made on a weekly basis.

It's a healthy milestone when you are able to go out and cut yourself off after a few drinks, knowing that after two more you'll be slurring your words and nursing a hangover the next day. No one wants to be the girl who causes a scene and starts stiff-arming her friends when they try to cut her off.

Sense Of Humor

Equally as important as being able to laugh at yourself is being able to laugh at life as a whole. Sometimes things don't work out and sometimes we fall flat on our face (literally).

Sometimes we find ourselves in cruel and ironic situations that are out of our control, and having the strength to sit back and laugh will make it significantly more bearable.

A Mentor (Not An Idol)

There are idols and then there are mentors. Of course it’s great to have celebrities to look up to, but worshipping the ground Beyoncé walks on is only so helpful when we can’t text her for advice.

It's important for every 20-something to have a mentor to turn to for guidance, someone accessible to offer feedback and insight. It could be your mom, though I recommend getting a little more creative.

A Hobby

May it be yoga, Pinterest crafts, tennis or extreme couponing (totally kidding -- please don't make it extreme couponing), it’s important to have something to do for yourself (outside work and partying) when you need an escape. (Bonus: You’ll actually have an answer to the dreaded question, “So what do you like to do?”)


(This includes the ability to say “no.”) Self-confidence is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding characteristics you can acquire. No one has the right to make you feel inferior -- especially not yourself.

The more time you spend alone -- I don't just mean isolated in your bedroom binge-watching Netlfix or practicing your contour makeup application -- actually doing things, the more comfortable you will get with yourself. When we constantly surround ourselves with other people, we take on their emotions, opinions and voices.

Every now and then, a woman must slow down, check in with herself and let her mind simmer. The more time we spend alone, the more we will be able to appreciate our own company.

It is a long, winding road to discovering yourself and becoming totally comfortable with who you are, especially during your twenties, but it is a road well worth walking.

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