#SoCold: 10 Struggles Every Emotionally Unavailable Woman Goes Through

So you’re a woman, and you've been told one too many times to stop thinking like a man or to be more submissive, huh? Join the club.

In my opinion, as a woman, it is important to establish your role in the world. Maybe you want to be a nurse, or the CEO of a company. Either way, you barely have time to get your presentation done by Friday, or schedule the Brazilian you've been needing for weeks.

In the midst of daily struggle, women can hardly find the time to display the range of emotions we are “supposed” to express.

With the pressure of love, a thriving career and making time to go to the gym, just know you are NOT alone in appearing emotionally unavailable from time to time -- or all the time.

Here are 10 struggles every emotionally unavailable woman goes through:

Compliments From Guys Aren't That Flattering

Excuse me, but your eyes are like a sweet pumpkin spice latte I have been craving all day long.

Wow. Now, most girls may hop all over that, but you unwillingly laugh it off, say thanks and go on with your day.

I mean, yes, having a guy take time out of his day to say something sweet to you is nice. However, you have more important things to worry about, like getting back to work or those leftovers in the fridge you've been looking forward to all day.

You Don’t Have Time For "I’m Sorry"

It’s okay. It’s okay. For the third time, it’s okay.

"Sorry" doesn't mean too much to a woman who doesn't have the time to hear it. She most likely overlooked what you did wrong anyway because she was rushing to finish a project for work. Of course, if you mess up and apologize, we appreciate it, but no need to be repetitive; just don’t do it again.

Talk About My Problems... For What?

I mean, yes, holding everything in isn't okay, but you understand that there are bigger issues in this world, like the fact ISIS is raking in more money than Apple. You just don’t have time to put your problems on someone else.

Plus, that yoga class you've been managing to make it to has helped you learn how alleviate stress through other outlets. You prefer being the shoulder to lean on, rather than the one making the shoulder wet.

You + Flirting = Awkward Fest

Hey, beautiful, how was your day?

You really don’t want to reply, but you do: “It was cool. I was off so I went and helped my grandma shave her feet then we had a garage sale.”

When someone tries to flirt with you, you can’t tell if he really cares about your day, or just wants to see how far he can go. Quite frankly, it's your only time of the day to yourself. Would you rather catch the "Bob's Burgers" marathon with red wine, or be focused on texting back all night?

Everyone Looks To You In Times Of Need

...Which is perfectly fine.

Most people are used to calling you and talking about their problems, and you love being that person. However, when you call and have an issue, they think it has to be the end of the world because you never call to talk about yourself.

You Use Jokes When Something Serious Is Happening

Something truly serious happens, and you have no way to approach it. Your awkwardness kicks in instantly with a dumb joke like, “What would Joan Rivers have done?" if your friend asks you what you would do if you saw your boyfriend with another girl.

It’s not your fault you would just rather ease the mood, instead of contributing to it.

You Literally Can't Even With Overly Emotional People

You literally can't when someone is being overly emotional for no reason. You know there are bigger problems in the world, and you want to ask this person why he must expand on his problems all the time.

People who make things into bigger problems than they are drive you insane.

Just Because You're Quiet, People Assume Something’s Wrong

Sorry, I’m just quietly thinking about how to take over the world, but I’m not mad. Actually, the barista at Starbucks gave me a free latte this morning, so life is grand; I just don’t feel the need to tell you about it. I’m happy, I promise.

You Prefer Funerals Over Weddings

As if getting your third wedding invitation this month wasn't enough, you actually have to go to them because it’s your best friends who are getting married.

At weddings, you sweat profusely, feel claustrophobic and people keep asking why you haven’t gotten married yet. The pressure of marriage is a big issue for you because, although your mom wants grandkids within the next three years, you can’t even find a guy tall enough for you on Tinder.

The struggle is real.

You Don’t Know How To Handle Being in Love

Despite the emotionally unavailable label society has given you, someone has decided to actually like you.

You always find yourself accidentally talking to guys like a client from work or your best friend, and they hate it. Don’t worry; if they care enough about you, they will work through it.

Don’t be afraid to show a little emotion to your guy because it will make him feel like he's actually dating a girl. I mean, if he got past your awkwardness, you two can make it through anything, right?

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It