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7 Women On Their First Memory Using This Iconic Skin-Care Product

By Erin Kelly

I’ll never forget finishing my first triathlon. I was ecstatic crossing the finish line, but spectators’ faces seemed concerned. Looking down, I noticed what they saw: After running in a wetsuit, my thighs were completely chafed. Luckily, I could rely on a family secret for soothing irritated, chapped skin: Aquaphor Healing Ointment.

If you aren’t already a superfan, Aquaphor Healing Ointment is a dermatologist-recommended skin-care solution for everything from dry, cracked feet to chapped lips and minor wound care. The secret is in the unique, multi-purpose formula: It both moisturizes and protects skin while still being “breathable” to promote healing. It’s no wonder it’s been a staple in medicine cabinets for years. To inspire new devotees and to remind everyone of Aquaphor’s healing powers, we partnered with the brand and talked to seven women about their first introduction to the cult fave.


"When I was 16, I suffered from acne and was put on an aggressive acne treatment that made my skin very dry and irritated. To counter that, I tried every moisturizer (both high-end and drugstore brands), but nothing made my skin actually feel moisturized. My mom told me to try Aquaphor. Little did I know I would soon fall in love. The ointment has transformed my skin, my confidence, and has become my holy-grail product for real moisture. I even use it as a lip gloss, as a cool, wet-eye makeup look, and as a primer. Aquaphor does it all!"


"One afternoon six years ago, I was hugging my family’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the midst of a nap. Suddenly, he decided my love was too much and caught my nose in what was likely supposed to be a warning nip. I had to get seven stitches! Once I was un-stitched, the recovery regimen was simple: a generous coat of Aquaphor applied a few times a day. It became a comforting routine to rub the ointment on my nose. Now I still carry a little tube of it around with me in case of minor emergencies."


“I used to have a patch of dry skin right above my lip in the fifth grade. Whatever it was, it was persistent and very uncomfortable. It would sometimes crack from dryness. My sister suggested I try rubbing a little Aquaphor Healing Ointment on it, and it was the only thing that helped calm it down. I've since added the Ointment Body Spray to my routine, since it keeps the rest of my skin so soft right out of the shower.”


"I'm from Indiana where we have fairly harsh winters, and I was introduced to Aquaphor way back in middle school. My siblings and I were members of our local swim team, and our season ran from October through February. Each of us had our own tube of Aquaphor in our swim bags to guard our chlorine-dried elbows, knees, cheeks, and lips against the cool winter temps."


"As an esthetician and acne specialist, I've always recommended that my clients protect their skin with Aquaphor. Now, with the recent uprise in mask-wearing, I have started recommending clients put a thin layer of Aquaphor on their face wherever their mask [has caused chaffing]. It's an easy addition to their regimen and will [soothe] friction caused by wearing masks frequently."


"My love affair with the ointment hit an all-time high during the 2018 royal wedding. The bride’s makeup artist used Aquaphor as a highlighter which created a lit-from-within natural glow, and I fell in love. Plus, multi-purpose products are my favorites. Now, it’s my go-to for soothing irritation flare-ups; hydrating my dry, flaky skin; and keeping my face glowing.”


"Last winter, I had dry, chapped lips for months on end. I tried everything — DIY recipes, overnight masks, every lip balm possible, and nothing worked. Finally, a friend recommended Aquaphor Healing Ointment, and it changed my life… and lips! Now, I keep a tube on hand at all times, and I can happily say I haven't had any dry, chapped lips since. I also just started using the Lip Repair Stick for reapplying on the go and have been loving that as well!”

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