6 Easy Yoga Poses To Help Cure Your Back Pain

by Leigh Weingus

I don't know about you, but I spend eight hours of my day sitting at a desk.

And to make matters worse, I hunch over my phone on my train ride home and spend at least a few nights a week lying in some weird position as I scroll through Facebook on my laptop. (Don't give me that look. I know you do it, too!)

So yeah, it's safe to say by Friday my back isn't too happy with me.

If your habits are similar to mine, I'm going to guess your back also aches from time to time.

That's why yoga is so awesome. If you take a few minutes to flow through these six yoga poses at the end of the day, your back will definitely thank you.

You ready for this?

Cat-Cow Pose

Celine Rahman

Starting on all fours, drop your belly and look up. Take a breath or two before arching your back and looking down at your thighs. This pose will loosen and wake up your entire back.

Child's Pose

It's easy, it's relaxing and it happens to be awesome for your back. Start on all fours, then bring your butt toward your heels and walk your palms forward. This one is especially great for your lower back, but you'll also get a release in your upper back and shoulders.

Celine Rahman

Downward Facing Dog

Starting from all fours, tuck your toes, lift your hips and bring your heels toward the ground, looking down at your thighs. This is the most classic yoga pose of them all, and it's great for stretching, strengthening and lengthening your back.

Celine Rahman

Forward Fold

Are your hamstrings tight? Is your back full of knots? Forward fold to the rescue!

Start standing upright, then slowly hinge forward at your hips and reach for the ground. If you need to put a gentle bend in your knees, go for it -- contrary to popular belief, touching your toes isn't the ultimate goal here and can put unnecessary strain on your back and knees.

The key is to hang in order to release your hamstrings, back and neck. If you want to get extra relaxed, try grabbing your opposite elbows.

Celine Rahman

Seated Spinal Twist

Starting from a cross-legged position, cross your right leg over your left. Lift your left arm up and twist to the right, looking over your right shoulder. This pose aids digestion and is great for opening up the upper back and shoulders.

Celine Rahman


If you ask me, Sphinx pose is one of the easier and more relaxing backbends out there. Start lying face down, then bring your forearms to the ground and drag your torso forward a bit. Hold this pose for a few moments and feel your entire back open up.

Celine Rahman

Good luck opening up that back. It will stop aching in no time!