4 Ways You Can Stick To Your Wellness Routine When You're On Summer Vacay

by Emily Joseph

Now that it's officially summer and your schedule is rightfully filled with days at the beach, barbecues and vacations, your wellness routine is likely the last thing on your mind. Truthfully, we all need a break from the grind of 6 am workouts, and there's zero harm in indulging in your favorite seasonal foods. However, you don't want to return from vacation needing another vacation.

It's possible to let go of daily life stressors and decompress while still holding onto the parts of your routine that make you feel happy and healthy. That elusive balance?

With some give, some take and these four tips, it's possible to achieve:

1. Prioritize.

Before your vacation, think about what matters to you. Have your weekday mornings been so rushed that you often skip breakfast? Do you sit all day at work and leave feeling stiff and sore?

Then use this vacation to counter those negative effects. Take the time to leisurely eat a home-cooked breakfast, practice yoga on the beach and do things you don't normally get to do. Vacation is for hitting the reset button, so pay attention to what parts of your life need some TLC, and start building habits you can continue post-trip.

2. Change up your workout.

"Getting up at the crack of dawn to work out every day on vacation is so much fun," said no one ever. Arguably one of the best parts about vacation is not setting an alarm, and instead following your body's internal clock. Vacation also implies no strict plans for the day. Therefore, exercise can be completed at any time and any place.

Are you a bionic runner? Try renting a bike and riding along the water. A serial cycler? Take it to the pool for some laps. On vacation with family? Play a round of tennis or beach volleyball.

The point is to fit in fitness without making it a chore. The options are endless, and it's a fun chance to get creative with your workout and explore new scenery. Who knows? Maybe you'll find a new form of exercise you throughly enjoy.

3. Balance your plate.

Let's get one thing straight: Food isn't good or bad. It's just food. At family parties, cookouts and beach restaurants, choose foods that make you feel your best, mentally and physically. If you love ice cream, have some. It's a quintessential summer food, after all. However, so are strawberries and watermelon. So, go for all three while you're at it.

It's important to really enjoy what you eat. If it doesn't taste good to you, don't eat it. Let go of the need to label food, and focus on eating variety of nutrients over the course of your trip. Add some fruit, like seasonal berries and melons, to the side of your lobster roll, or order a chicken salad for dinner if you filled up on ice cream for lunch (it happens). You don't have to sway too much to one side of the spectrum.

4. Keep track of the booze.

For some people, alcohol is a staple on vacation. With cocktails by the pool, wine at sunset and beers at the baseball game, alcohol seems natural. However, chances are, drinking every day won't make you feel your best, mentally or physically.

More than that, alcohol and the sun are not a good mix. The combination can lead to dehydration and heatstroke. Keep track of the booze by alternating alcoholic drinks with water. It doesn't feel good to wake up feeling gross and hungover every day, whether you are on vacation or not.

With these tips, you can enjoy your time off and soak up the sun (safely) without throwing away all good habits. Your post-vacation self will thank you later.