Here's How You Can Trick Yourself Into Actually Hitting The Gym After Work


You look at the clock as it ticks down to the hour: There's only 5 minutes to go until you escape from your job.

You realize how pumped you were to hit the gym in the morning, but now, like every day of the week, your energy has died down and you're in zombie mode.

All you want to is go home and relax.

I mean, Micromanager Mark has been at your back all morning, and your colleague Susan has been in a seriously negative mood all day, taking you through the detailed events of her recent breakup.

The last thing you want to right now is to work out, right? Wrong.

I'm here to tell you that you should go to your workout when you feel exhausted, and I want to share a few little tricks I use to beat that lazy mind of mine.

Most people will probably relate to the fact that it is actually easier to work out than to make the decision to get to the gym.

You've probably heard the saying, "The hardest part is just showing up."

That's because people often want to avoid that feeling of discomfort and even the thought of moving away from their comfortable couches.

Human nature plays its role as well. Our subconscious mind tends to remind us how comfortable we are, and that feeling of discomfort is unbearable, especially during winter.

The clever tricks our subconscious plays on us results in our very own lame excuses we give for our lack of inability to get off the couch.

What can you do?

Getting out of your comfort zone

Everyone has their own solution to getting motivated, but the way I beat my subconscious mind is by getting familiar with feeling uncomfortable.

Because if you want to succeed, you need to get out of your “comfort zone.”

The more I get out of my comfort zone (aka go to the gym when it's cold or when I'm tired or lazy), the more it becomes second nature, and the abnormal feeling becomes natural.


Another key strategy I use to beat the subconscious mind is to “visualize.”

Visualization is significant in all areas of life, whether it's a relationship with family and friends, work, business or any other aspect.

So, when I feel like skipping a workout, I try to remember the fact that I feel much better after leaving the gym rather than when I am going to the gym.

And thanks to the help of those post-workout endorphins, I recall how energized and unstoppable I feel.

Next time you're feeling lazy, visualize yourself walking out of the gym, feeling refreshed and charged up.

You should also try to remember those feelings when you walk out of the gym after a workout. Hold on to that “aha” feeling of power and energy running through your veins.

Once your imagination is aligned with your feelings, your subconscious mind is yours, and you become in control of the situation.

This often helps me, and if this article has made you get off your lazy ass and go to the gym, then I've done my job.