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This Is How To Get Jennifer Lawrence's Killer Bod, As Told By Her Trainer

Considering she survived "The Hunger Games," I think it's safe to say we all want a body as strong as Jennifer Lawrence's.

Looking like her would be awesome, too.

Lucky for us, J Law's trainer, Dalton Wong, shares a few of his tips for a better body in his new book, "The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier and Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Day." As the title suggests, there's no crazy dieting involved; his tips are all about feeling good.

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One of Wong's tips is to spend some time figuring out what triggers your stress in order to stop yourself from veering off course, according to Well+Good.

He writes,

You need to have ways of managing your stress... If you're really relaxed, you hit that workout, and you'll get all the benefits because your body's ready for it.

Now, for the less fun stuff. Wong suggests choosing a workout you're not good at. So, if you're really killing it in SoulCycle and not seeing a change in your body, it may be time to switch a few things up.

Wong explains,

Our bodies love to do things we're really good at, [but] in order for your body to change, you need to work on the weaknesses, not the strengths.

As for food, Wong doesn't ask his clients to restrict calories. He simply asks them to eat in a way that makes them feel good and happy.

He writes,

If you're celebrating with friends and you have some chocolate cake or cheesecake, fine. But if you come home from a hard day and eat a whole cheesecake by yourself, that's a whole different thing.

Doesn't sound too brutal, right?

It makes sense J Law would want to work with Wong. After all, this is the same young woman who said,

If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,' I'm like, 'You can go f*ck yourself.'

You go, girl.

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