7 Tips That Will Actually Make You Get Fit And Healthy In The New Year

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Everyone knows fitness is good for your life -- not just your body.  

If you Google "how to lose weight," there are millions of options.

And yet, a lot of us are still living sedentary lives. According to a recent study published in "Mayo Clinic Proceedings," less than 3% of Americans live a healthy lifestyle.

Why do we struggle so much to lead active lives if we know it's bad for us?


We rely too much on tactics.

Tactics in health and fitness are when you obsess over precise macronutrient percentages or worry about the optimal amount of protein for each meal. Tactics are important, but they don't lead you to success.

If you actually want to get fitter, you have to build a solid foundation -- you can't just rely on tactics.

The seven "fitness laws" you'll find below aren't sexy. They aren't marketing hype. They don't burn fat quickly like the teas or pills you see in the news.

But they will definitely help you lose the weight you've wanted to lose for ages... and they'll still let you live a rich life.

1. Stop striving for perfection.

In a perfect world, we would eat all our meals at home and each item would be non-GMO and bought from a local farmer down the street.

However, life is anything but perfect.

Stop wishing for a better body and life instead of finally taking action toward it. 

If you only ever strive for perfection in your diet, you'll just get unnecessarily stressed.

Instead, keep the big picture in mind and realize that indulgences here and there won't make a dent in the big picture with your fitness.

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2. Do something.

Fortune favors those who get off the sidelines and start participating.

Something is better than nothing. A lot of people talk about building a body they love, but very few actually take any steps to turn this into reality.

At the beginning of your journey, the simple fact that you took action and did something is going to create some much-needed momentum and confidence to propel you along your journey. Ambition and dreaming are great, but simply wanting it isn't enough.

3. Make incremental changes: Don't be overly ambitious.

No more carbs, no more fast food, and in the bed by 10:30 pm with no exceptions.

Many of us are highly ambitions when we chase new goals. Our ambition is being fueled by adrenaline and the novelty of going after something new.

However, life isn't going to slow down just because you have a new goal.

The distractions and challenges that existed before will still exist. Therefore, trying to change all your habits in one go is a recipe for disaster.

Trying to change all your habits in one go is a recipe for disaster.

What happens when work and other life events get hectic on top of your overcommitment with fitness?

You'll most likely fall off with your healthy habits. Therefore, it's best to slowly add a few healthy habits into your life so you give yourself time to adjust and integrate those new habits into your already busy lifestyle.

4. Be lazy but also smart.

Be efficient. Only do what counts.

If you're going to keep progressing over time, you'll need to keep going over a sustained period of time.

Increase your chances of succeeding by making your life easier. Don't make your life difficult for the sake of it.

5. Remember to ask for help!

No one succeeds in this world on their own.

Friends and family will keep you honest -- especially when Netflix and Taco Bell seem like better options.

By seeking help and accountability, you'll gain access to people who may have made some of the same mistakes as you. They're the people who can give you the best advice, too.

We're stronger together than we are on our own.

Kate Daigneault

6. Avoid energy vampires like the plague.

Half the battle to achieving your fitness goals and living a rich life is taking control of your mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness.

Energy vampires are a group of people who can wreak havoc on your goals. These people can be your parents, friends, peers... or your "energy vampire" can also be your general environment.

Energy vampires leave you deflated, pessimistic, and even hopeless after being around them for a certain time period.

It's hard but minimizing your exposure to these people is essential if you really want to improve your life.

Be ruthless with who you allow into your circle and give your time to. After all, time is the most precious of resources that we have: Once it's gone, it's gone. 

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7. Stop making excuses. 

“My family's genetics are awful.”

“Weight loss doesn't work on my body.”

“My lifestyle is too busy for a workout regimen.”

Notice a trend here?

They all pushed the blame onto external sources. 

The most important change you can make to improve your health and life is to take complete ownership of both. Blaming genetics, family, peers, or anything else is taking the easy way out.

Most importantly, is that the type of person you want to become? Of course not.

Take ownership of your health and life. You're captain of your own life and can control which way it steers.