5 Things You Should Try If You Keep Falling Into Negative Funks

Raymond Forbes LLC

One day you can be floating high in the clouds of happiness, and the next, you're feeling completely down in the dumps.

While we can't stop these natural ups and downs in our mood, we can practice healthy mind habits to help build a more resilient and positive mental thinking pattern.

Some of the following can give you a quick happiness boost, while others help to train your brain into a happier mindset:

1. Look on the bright side.

As soon as you quit complaining about all your little life grumbles and actively try to see the positives in everything, the better you will feel.

This works for both the little dramas and the bigger catastrophes we find ourselves facing.

If your internet simply refuses to work, see it as the perfect chance to disconnect in more ways than one. Take time away from the digital world and get around to that book you never seem to finish instead.

If the latest love interest in your life unexpectedly ends things, see it as freeing yourself up for when Mr. or Ms. Right finally does walk through the door.

At least you are no longer wasting your time on the wrong one.

Allow it to fill your heart with extra gratitude for all the people already in your life who do appreciate, love and care for you.

This strategy may feel forced at first, but what you are really doing is building up resilience to the unavoidable downs in life.

This is not about denying your feelings.

It is important to acknowledge when something bad happens to you or when you're feeling sad, angry and hurt. Yet, it is even more important in these moments to hold on to the fact that there is light and shade in everything in life.

So, don't forget the bright side, especially when you need it most.

2. Get moving.

When you feel in a funk, nothing gets the energy flowing again like movement. It doesn't need to be a mammoth gym session or a 5-mile run.

Take any kind of action to get your body going and to change the static energy into something that flows again.

Go to your favorite cafe for a coffee, do some simple stretches or yoga, take a drive somewhere or just have a simple stroll in the woods.

Distracting our minds from negative chatter and breaking the pattern through activity can have a remarkable impact on improving your mood.

3. Be kind to yourself.

It seems like a very obvious point, but it's one we constantly need to be reminded of. Most of us find we are our own biggest critics.

While we can be forgiving, understanding and generous when it comes to other people and their perceived flaws, we are so judgmental toward ourselves.

You should be your own best friend. Never forget that no matter what happens in life, you should always be on your own side.

This doesn't mean dodging all responsibility when you feel you have made a mistake or error, but negative talk toward yourself never did anyone any good.

If you feel like you have messed up in any way or are feeling frustrated with yourself, remember you are only human.

You're flawed, but still pretty damn wonderful.

If it helps, when you need reminding, tell yourself out loud just how much you appreciate yourself.

4. Celebrate your blessings.

We all know the grass has a habit of looking greener elsewhere. It's human nature to think of what we want more of in life.

There's actually nothing wrong with that, as it can be great for growth, but don't forget to think about all of the things you already have right now.

Think of all the things you are truly thankful to have in your life.

More than this, celebrate all your success and hard work. When you have made something happen in your life or have been brave enough to make a change, recognize this and thank yourself.

Life seems a whole lot more packed with goodies when you take the time to get it all out on the table and count just how many things you've really accomplished.

5. Don't forget to dream.

You are good enough to have anything and be anything you want.

Though goals are undeniably important and there is a definite place for them, you need to give yourself the space to simply dream, too.

Where goals are often practical, dreams can be fanciful.

Dreaming without limits can help you to play around with your desires and ideas in a creative way. Dreams can expand your horizons in a less intimidating way than the demands of defined goals.

When you relax and dare to dream, you may even surprise yourself what you manage to manifest without even trying.