7 Things You Accidentally Do Every Day That Ruin People's Impressions Of You

by Rosey Baker
Kayla Snells

First impressions are everything. As human beings, our brains are hardwired to judge one another, and we often form our opinions about other people without even uttering a word to them. Most of the time, we don't even realize we're doing it. Knowing that, here are some unconscious things you could be doing each day to influence people's personal impressions of you:

1. How you voice your opinions

The way you express your thoughts says a lot about who you are as a person, your perspective on the world and how you treat others.

Do you force your opinions onto others or act as though they're absolute truths?

By being overbearing with your opinions, you unconsciously discredit the opinions of others.

This will probably lead to you sitting alone at lunch.

2. Checking your phone

If you're continually checking your phone while talking to someone, it's as insulting as turning your back to them mid-conversation to literally fart in their face WITHOUT even saying, "Excuse me" first.

If there are extreme circumstances, always explain in advance that you'll be needing to keep an eye on your messages.

Otherwise, put your phone away and stop being a dick.

3. Handling rejection

When you hear the word "no," you have two options.

You can either react from your gut, or respond from your intellect. My advice is to respond in a measured way and to ask for feedback if you're curious about why you were rejected.

Don't be that guy on Tinder who flips out when you won't text back.

4. Reacting to a change of plans

It's good to be stubborn when it comes to your goals. But when you're stubborn about how to reach them, you turn into a toddler just throwing around your toys.

Nobody will want to hang out with you or work with you because there is simply too much pressure around what happens when circumstances force change.

When you're flexible about changes, not only does it make you more likable, but it also eases the stress of people around you and shows you know you aren't the center of the universe.

5. Handling blame

How well you're able to take responsibility for yourself says a lot about your self-esteem.

If you're able to take responsibility for your part in things without groveling or throwing the blame at others and throwing them under the bus, it shows you have a level of confidence that isn't dependent on people seeing you as perfect.

6. Conversing with others

What you spend your time focusing on in conversation will send a strong message about your worldview.

If you're busy focusing on the past or worrying about the future, it shows you struggle with enjoying the present moment, which makes you a boring person to be with.

How much time you spend talking, instead of listening or asking questions of others, may show a tendency to be self-centered.

7. Dressing yourself

I hate to admit it, but even the thought of seeing a guy dressed like he's living in 1932 with a handlebar mustache makes me angry.

It's not that the guy hasn't put effort into his appearance; I just can't help assuming that costume he's wearing is all he's got in the personality department.

Our clothes and the way we dress ourselves send a message.  I don't think that's the message that guy meant to send, but if it is, he needs to think about it.

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