These 8 New Workout Styles Are What You Need To Bring Back The Heat This Spring

by Courtney Livingston

As those long, wintry days slowly become few and far between, it's about that time to update your spring workout wardrobe.

Put away the under armor, beanies, and sweat shirts, and make room for some of the hottest new workout trends of 2017.

Why wear boring workout clothes if you don't have to? These eight workout items listed below are not only easy on the wallet, but are also body conscious.

With these choices you know you're supporting a company that encourages you to be the strongest, best version of yourself.

From scaly leggings to pineapple sports bras, we've got you covered.

1. Mermaid leggings

Want to be a yogi mermaid? These Purusha People Leggings will make all of your mermaid dreams come true.

These sparkly Silver Goddess Leggings are guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go. And these Mermaid Spirit Leggings will give you major Ariel vibes.

These sleek, stylish leggings are available in a plethora of colors and a full range of prices, starting at $62. You can even complete the look with an Emerald Sea Bra Top.

2. Athletics with pockets

Gone are the days of strapping your phone to your arm or wrapping a pouch around your waist to hold your valuables.

Senita Athletics offers both pants and tops with hidden phone pockets large enough to store the latest iPhone or Android. Not only are their clothes super stylish, but they're also comfy, breathable and squat proof!

Throw on a pair of these leggings and are your ready to go—no gym bag needed!

3. Tropical wear

Say goodbye to boring one-tone sports bras and black leggings and say hello to pineapple sports bras and colorful tights.

Love Fitness Apparel, a Hawaii based clothing company, brings you bright, bold leggings, unique sports bras and graphic tanks.

Whether your watching the snow fall outside your window in Wisconsin or enduring another rainy day in Oregon, you'll feel like your on the islands when your working out in these tropical clothes.

4. Onesies

Yes, you read that right. J. Crew is now selling unitards. Forget the usual leggings, sports bra and a t-shirt.

What could be more minimal than a single, all in one garment? These unitards are perfect for both yoga and cardio, and make for super comfy athleisure wear.

5. CALIA by Carrie Underwood

This clothing brand seeks to empower young women to become strong women. They encourage us to be proud of ourselves, no matter how we look.

Not only does this company send a much-needed message to our culture as a whole, but their clothing is of excellent quality and will last a long time. And who doesn't love Carrie Underwood? She's ultimate fitness goals.

6. YogaClub

No time to shop for new workout clothes? Not to worry. YogaClub will send you a package each month full of yoga and workout apparel.

Packages start at $45 per month, and each package will include 2-3 pieces of clothing.

While this price may seem hefty, you are actually saving over 60 percent off of retail prices.

Why buy expensive workout clothes when you could have them delivered to your door each month at a fraction of the cost?

7. SweatStyle

If YogaClub is little out of your price range, not to worry. SweatStyle has you covered.

For just $20 per month, this subscription box will deliver a box of stylish sportswear right to your door. Forget running from store to store and browsing through racks of clothes.

SweatStyle guarantees you'll fall in love with their athleisure pieces from brands such as Prism Sport, Alala and Koral.

8. Bella Beat

These fitness trackers are unlike anything you've ever seen before.

The Bella Beat connects to your phone and tracks your activity, sleep, period, and stress levels. These unique and beautiful trackers can be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace, and you can choose from the Leaf Urban or Leaf Nature.

These simply trackers have no buttons and no screens, just your body and your mind. Technology with nature in mind? I'll take it!