From Soulmate To Swolemate: 5 Reasons To Start Exercising With Bae

by Demmy James

Nowadays, it's very common to see romantic partners work out together. One of the more popular terms you will see is “swolemates,” which is a catchy phrase used to define two partners in a relationship who are maintaining a life of being healthy and fit together.

This sounds bad for some because they feel arguments may occur, or maybe one partner will drag the other's workout down. However, the benefits could actually be the complete opposite.

Partners develop stronger bonds with one another when they train together. They motivate and push each other to maintain healthy diets. Let's take a look at the five reasons you and your partner should be working out together:

1. You push each other to train harder.

Going to the gym or any other type of physical training can become boring when it comes to training on your own. Training with a partner alleviates any possible motivation drops because you both want to impress each other. You generally feel better about yourself when a partner is close by.

Swolemates develop stronger muscles more intensely, especially when compared to solo exercisers.  A study even showed that when partners train together aerobically, they experience performance improvements.

2. Your relationship grows stronger.

Sure, the main reason you choose to train with a partner is to become healthier and more fit, but the consolation prize that comes with this is the fact that your relationship gets better.

Training with your partner boosts your motivation levels, since you are both making changes to your body simultaneously. However, when you or your partner trains alone, leaving the other behind may cause tension.

The one not training and dieting may feel less confident with his or her body as a result. This might not be the situation you desire, so consider taking the next step to being healthier together.

3. You have a trustworthy spotter.

Sometimes, the random person you ask to spot you may not be a wise choice. This person doesn't really know you and couldn't care less about helping you with safety or pushing you to train harder.

A relationship partner may be like this, but usually it is the other way around. A partner cares about your health, and he or she would hate to be the one who could have helped, but didn't.

This is the reason most partners are able to perform better with exercises such as deadlifts or bench presses. You can add a little more weight to the bar with a proper spotter.

You both should take the time to learn proper spotting techniques, so there is not just one person who spots. The stronger partner should not get carried away with heavy weight usage. But normally, a helping hand from any strength level will be enough to get a reasonable weight load back to its resting position.

4. You both diet properly.

A well-established workout program is nothing without correct food consumption. Relationships can be hard when one person is striving to eat healthier, while the other is not. Training together means you both have the common belief to train hard and eat right.

Sure, the diets may be different in terms of personal goals, but you have to both eat more nutritiously, regardless of the diet being followed. Since you are already in a relationship with your partner, you can also benefit by cutting the prep time for meals down. Simply train and develop meals together to experience better results.

5. You have fun.

You can take away all the benefits already provided and know that at least you get to have fun. Partners generally choose each other because they enjoy spending time together. Training with your partner should have serious goals, but there is no reason to make it a forceful thing.

You could both choose to perform different exercises, but still train together side by side to ensure encouragement. Simply have fun and make things exciting.

Grab your partner, and have a talk. Nothing will change if you don't express your desire to train with your partner. He or she may seem shocked at first, but with proper communication, you can achieve success together.

There is no harm in wanting to live healthier lives to stay together longer, so take the time to discuss this topic seriously. You never know, he or she may have wanted to do the same thing as well.