Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Survive The Wrath Of Daylight Savings

by Kate Ryan

It may be Friday, but if you've got any sense, you should already be looking to Monday. Daylight saving time starts at 2 am this Sunday, and unlike when it ends in the fall, you'll be losing an hour of sleep thanks to a weird, antiquated farming system we still use for no real reason.

But have no fear. We can all survive this together if we keep our heads on straight. I spoke with Dr. Alice Doe, a sleep specialist at the Borgess Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Center, to get some professional tips for surviving daylight savings.

But first, if you decide to just say "f*ck it" and forfeit that hour of sleep to the government, Dr. Doe says,

You'll be more sleepy and groggy. Losing an hour of sleep can have quite an impact on our concentration, our memory, attention span.

We're also slower to react to things when we're sleepy, which is especially dangerous for those driving long commutes Monday morning. Dr. Doe highlights that point, saying,

There will be more accidents on the road, as people will be more tired than usual.

So what can a person do?!

Maintain a regular bed time and wake-up time.

Your parents weren't just trying to put you to bed so they could watch all the good TV shows without you. By making your sleep cycle routine, you're more likely to fall asleep faster and wake up without feeling like you've been hit by a semi.

To adjust, start going to bed a little earlier every night.

While that may mean cutting your Saturday night a little short, your body and mind will thank you come Monday morning. The idea is to trigger your brain to think, "Let's go the f*ck to bed," earlier.

Thirty minutes before going to bed, chill the f*ck out.

Your brain can't do its job if you're scrolling through @RealCarrotFacts' Twitter feed with your phone three inches from your face. Put the devices away, smell some lavender and pull out a real, boring book.

Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook should put you to sleep in five minutes or less.

Maybe reexamine your mattress.

Having a crappy mattress is a major buzzkill when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. If you've done just about everything and you're still tossing and turning all night, it might be time to give your bed an upgrade.

A personalized mattress is a great place to start, and foam toppers can make a big difference as well.


This is my personal favorite for surviving Daylight Savings. If you, like me, refuse to sacrifice a "Vinyl" and "Walking Dead" double header because The Man wants to switch the clocks for no damn reason, then good news: Mary Jane's got your back.

For this special occasion, I'd recommend noshing on some choice edibles to catch the express train to Sleepy Town. You also want to stick to some heavy indicas like Granddaddy Purple or Blackwater that'll give you a full-body, relaxing high.

Good luck, everyone! May sleep be on your side this weekend.

For a better night sleep, you may also want to put down the vino. Watch the video below to find out why.