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This Halloween Workout Playlist Will Totally Get You Into The Spooky Spirit

If you ask me, Halloween is pretty much the best holiday of the entire year. You better believe that, even though it's still September right now, I've already started preparing for the upcoming October shenanigans. TBH, I would wear a kickass costume to the gym if it were socially acceptable. But, since I'd most likely get kicked out of the weight room for my absurd choice of clothing, I'm happy to opt for a killer Halloween workout playlist instead.

Of course, I've started collecting some awesome spooky songs not just because it's that time of year, but also because science says music and movement are linked. Motivational tunes are what keep most people going during the most difficult workouts. Essentially, bumping a badass playlist during your sweat sesh will change the way your body responds when it begins to feel fatigued. Research says the right music can elevate your mood and even persuade you to ride out challenges, rather than giving up.

So, as October quickly approaches, it's time to switch out your typical tone-it-up tunes and replace them with the spookiest songs that will get you through the sweatiest of SoulCycle rides.

Here seven songs that will help you slay your next HIIT circuit while simultaneously getting you into the Halloween spirit.

1. "Bones" By The Killers

TheKillersVEVO on YouTube

Between the name of the song and the name of the band, this bad boy had to make it onto your playlist.

The Killers will totally get you through that slump in your cardio sesh with this jam, and those skeletal vibes will have you craving candy corn and pumpkin carving.

2. "Monster" By Lady Gaga

Ciaran Walker on YouTube

Lady Gaga, you will always be bae.

I personally love this song for a heavy lift, right when you feel all those endorphins really pumping. Plus, it gets me pumped for haunted houses -- who's with me?

3. "Godzilla" By Kesha

KeshaRoseVEVO on YouTube

If you're not obsessed with the new Kesha album, I'm honestly personally offended.

This baby goes perfectly with those spooky October vibes, and it's ideal for a nice cool-down or stretch at the end of your workout.

4. "Disturbia" By Rihanna

RihannaVEVO on YouTube

This is an oldie, but a goodie that will send shivers down your spine every time.

Rihanna's voice can totally get me through the toughest of burpees, too -- thanks, girl.

5. "Look What You Made Me Do" By Taylor Swift

TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

Please don't hate me for this one, but come on, you knew Taylor had to squeeze her way onto this playlist.

Ugh, look what you made me do: I "accidentally" wore my knee-high candy corn socks to the gym again.

6. "She Wolf" By Shakira

shakiraVEVO on YouTube

Shakira honestly deserves a spot on every workout playlist because homegirl can make you feel like you have the energy of a toddler on a sugar rush.

Plus, "She Wolf" is a creepy, catchy jam that is sure to get those spooky vibes going real strong.

7. "Thriller" By Michael Jackson

michaeljacksonVEVO on YouTube

Would this list really be complete without this song? If this isn't on your Halloween playlist, then I'm sorry, but you're doing life wrong.

Slay your core circuit and fantasize about your clever group costume while you jam out to this classic bad boy.

'Tis the season of boo-ty gains and terrifying tunes, right?